customized hand carved wood doorscustomized hand carved wood doors

Entrance Doors with Hand Carved Company Logo – 3219HCA


Custom Hand Carved Entrance Doors Personalized with Business Name & Motto

Entrance doors the way you dreamed they would be, reflecting your labor of love. The great thing about working with a company that does custom work like we do, is that you steer the design to where you want it. When a landscaping and lawn care company came to us to create their new front doors, they had found a design they really liked on our website, our Art Nouveau Door. The Art Nouveau style was heavily inspired by the natural world and this door has the flowing lines and nature motif that a company that makes its business the outdoors can really appreciate.

Custom Designed Doors

Feasel’s, the leading garden center in their area, wanted something more, something that would personalize the door for them and their business. Something that made a statement about their business before you entered. A statement door that told their story and intrigued customers to expect the very best. Our designer worked with the business owner and created this beautiful, personalized work of art and hit their mark. We changed the carving design of the original historic design slightly to make room for the business name and motto and added glass to let the light in and to allow customers to see in and out of the door. In collaboration with the owner, we designed and created a new door pull to suit their taste. Once our master carvers were finished working their magic and our master blacksmiths had fashioned something new, this gorgeous business advertisement was the complete work of art you see today. We can take your ideas and create new art for you as well. That is the beauty of custom work done by master craftsmen, the type of work we do every day.


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