hand carved quail theme doorhand carved quail theme door

Entrance Door With Hand Carved Desert Quail Door – HCD3210


Hand carved and fully customizable, bring the beauty of a desert scene to your front door.

Custom Solid Wood Door With The Beauty of the Sonoran Desert Captured in Relief Carving

The Sonoran Desert is home to plants and animals adapted to survive in a warm, dry climate. The Gambel Quail is one of the most well known birds to originate from this region, and our Hand Carved Wood Door depicts a peaceful scene of a small quail family resting under the shade of a desert tree. The tree branches are fully carved out with a glass window on the inside of the door.

The Perfect Accent Piece – Entrance Door Handmade with Natural Wood

A southwestern style home is all about enhancing the rustic elegance of the desert. Natural wood is necessary to reflect the simple quality of the landscape, and our Hand Carved Door with a Desert Quail Scene comes from wood we prepare ourselves using old-world techniques. Each door is hand treated, carved, and stained to preserve its native quality. The door handle is crafted from wrought iron in the style of a desert tree branch.

Visitors to your residence will be amazed at the fine details in the quail feathers, tree bark, and mountain range, along with the peaceful mood this custom wood entrance door creates. Add Sonoran Desert charm and aesthetic to your home with help from the expert craftsmen at ArtFactory.com.


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