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Double Doors With White Oak Handle Motif – DD3920


Custom Built Double Door Entrance

Make a grand entrance with our Double Doors with White Oak Iron Handles that capture the spirit of the great oaks of England and America. Our custom built doors are designed to evoke the grandeur of a royal chamber in the comfort of your own home.

A Symbol of Strength and Endurance with Hand Carved Wood

The national tree of the United States is Oak. It’s the most abundant group of hardwood trees in North America and is symbolic for its diversity. The Charter Oak tree in Connecticut was even an important part of history because it served as a hiding place to protect the Connecticut’s Royal Charter of 1662.

Grand Entrance Door Styled with Antiquity in Mind

Our Double Doors are built with an aesthetic befitting the Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages. The classic panel design features a type of stud often found in castle doors to help reinforce the wood during attacks. Today, it is a beautiful decoration that adds a touch of old-world design.


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