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Divided Glass Craftsman Entrance, Custom Wooden Doors – CDG678


Practical, Elegant Design
A Craftsman Entry Door with Dentil Shelf

Capture American ingenuity and craftsmanship – our Custom Wooden Doors are built in the tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement to bring authentic composition to any home. Every Craftsman Solid Wood Door features a divided glass window and custom door hardware made exactly how you want it. Our 10-step finishing process means your new entrance is guaranteed to last forever.

Exceptional Custom Exterior Door Designs Built from History

Craftsman style emerged from the American Arts and Crafts movement in the late 1800s, a direct response to the loss of value for real hand work. The movement remained popular in America into the 1930s, with various revivals since then.

We carry the Craftsman style forward by committing to old world techniques. There?s a reason many of the castles and structures of the past have endured for thousands of years – real materials made with true attention to detail.

Custom Wooden Doors You?ll Never Need to Replace

All doors from our craftsman collection are built by real woodworkers and real wood – no veneers or shortcuts. You?ll get a solid wood door that is three inches thick and built to withstand any weather.

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