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custom weave style wood doorscustom weave style wood doors

Custom Wood Double Doors Weave Style And Sidelights – 3000GP


We Believe In Hand Making Furnishings That Our Customer Can Enjoy Forever And In The Style You Want

Intricately handmade woven style double doors are made by the out master craftsmen. They hand carved each piece from high end American timber and build this beautiful door. Designed by H.J Nick who gained motivation in wanting a contemporary yet very unique custom made door. Our master craftsmen hand build all of our doors by using mortise tenon joinery guaranteeing your handmade double door will last forever. Including all around sidelights that accentuate the naturally toned theme of light and viewing the outdoors perfectly.

Building Thick Solid Wood Doors That Provide Security And Style Since 1913

To create the sleek wrought iron door pulls, interior bottom slide lock and T-astragal strap, our talented blacksmiths use the old world techniques to create our custom hardware pieces for your handmade doors. Hand forging wrought iron, anvil hammer and hand patina finish; which ensures your door pulls to never erode. Here at we strive to over exceed your expectations and will only design and build products that can stand the test of time.


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