custom medieval peekeasy doorcustom medieval peekeasy door

Custom Medieval Peekeasy Door: Working Portal Iron Security Grill – MD6631

If You Are Looking For A Door With A Portal, But Do Not Want A Full Sized Speakeasy, And Just Enough Of An Opening To Take A Peek Out Of, Then Our Peekeasy Portal Entrances Are The Perfect Solution

Featuring Genuine Wrought Iron, Medieval Inspired Hardware, Including Peekeasy Security Grill, Iron Vine Twist Door Pull, And Ornamental Hinge Straps, Each Individually Hand Hammered Into Shape By Our Master Blacksmiths Over A Coal Fired Forge, Just As Would Have Been Done In The Middle Ages


Custom Medieval Peekeasy Door: Working Portal Iron Security Grill

iron peekeasy portal front view

All of our custom doors are built with the highest quality materials available anywhere. This includes genuine, solid, hand hewn, full length planks of timber that has been naturally cured in the Scottsdale, Arizona desert air. Built with the tried and tested technique of mortise and tenon, pegged and doweled construction. Each entrance is individually handmade in the U.S.A. by skilled master craftsmen, and guaranteed to last forever with little or no maintenance.

The custom medieval peekeasy door is built it using the same materials and techniques that would have been used by the great architects of the Middle Ages. At we believe in building furniture and doors that are not something that you just use for a few years and then throw away. Building items that are disposable is a practice that is unique to the past fifty years. Historically, when a piece of furniture was built, it was built from solid, natural materials by master craftsmen. Most importantly, it was built to last forever. Something like a solid wood entrance door would be passed down through a family for generations, along with the home that was also built to last forever. With our custom wooden castle door, built from solid, full length timber, we have carried that tradition of built to last craftsmanship. A true modern masterpiece inspired by historic designs, and built with period correct methods and materials. Furthermore, we offer unlimited customizations, thus allowing your to create an entrance that is uniquely yours. This customer wanted a portal door, but not a full sized speakeasy, just enough of an opening to take a quick peek out of, thus, the peeakeasy was born!

The custom medieval peekeasy door is not the type of product cannot be built overnight, or with low quality materials. That is why we use the highest quality, full length, solid wood. Then we build it by hand, using the age old, tried and tested method of mortise and tenon joineryThis type materials and construction makes for a product that will stand the test of time. We have also incorporated elements of old world design into this entrance with the solid wood, as this customer chose a heavy distress style of timber to add to the doors rustic look. The design is completed with the fine art, medieval inspired wrought iron hardware. This includes the blacksmith hand forged wrought iron security grill over the peekeasy window. Additionally, all hardware pieces, including the iron vine twist handle, ornamental hinge straps, and kick plate have been individually hand hammered into shape by our master blacksmiths. This is a single door in a pre-hung solid wood jamb as pictured, but can be built as double doors. All of our custom door designs are available with or without optional viewing windows, speakeasy portals, sidelights, transoms, or anything else you can imagine. Furthermore, although this is a flat topped design in a straight door jamb as pictured, like all of our custom entrances, it can be built with a semi, or full arched top, and for residential or commercial, interior or exterior use.

Custom Medieval Peekeasy Door Hardware Details

vine twist door pull

The custom medieval peekeasy door as pictured, features our rugged vine twist door pull with matching iron backplate. All custom door hardware is hand forged by our master blacksmiths from genuine wrought iron. The old fashioned way, with hammer, anvil, and fire

The custom medieval door as pictured, features our popular, rugged twisted vine door pulls. Additionally, the entrance has been fitted with a hand hammered texture opening iron portal grill, ornamental hinge straps, and a heavy duty kick plate at the bottom, inside. You can choose from any of our hundreds of styles of custom door handles or theme door pulls, or even provide your own design. We make custom door hardware in any size, style or design, and to fit any application. All of our custom handles and hardware are hand hammered into shape by master blacksmiths over a coal fired forge. As with all of our custom doors, your hardware options are fully customizable. You can also choose to customize with any accent elements that you may choose to complete the essence of the design.

Additionally, all of our hardware comes advance patinated with a hand applied, heat infused iron oxide patina. This type of finish won't crack, peel, or flake like paints and powder coats. Our door hardware is built to your specifications by our master blacksmiths using hand forged wrought iron. When we say hand forged, we mean with fire, hammer, and anvil. We never cast, drop forge, or use any fast or mass production process. This means you will receive a fine art quality piece of hardware that is uniquely yours, of investment quality, and built to stand the test of time. This includes our hand applied, iron oxide patina finishes. These finishes are bonded to the metal at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit so that the finish becomes part of the metal, and will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance.

Building A Legacy Through Heirloom Quality Doors

Custom Wooden Door With Medieval Wrought Iron Peekeasy Door Portal

Every piece of hardware from; such as the custom portal grill, ornamental hinge straps, and iron kick plate, on this door; is a one-of-a-kind piece, signed and certified as world class fine art by award winning artist H.J. Nick. Each item is individually hand hammered into shape by our master blacksmiths over a coal fired forge, never to be exactly reproduced. Our hardware products are never cast copied, drop forged, or mass produced. Furthermore, we use only genuine wrought iron because unlike other metals, wrought iron doesn't corrode or break down over time with exposure to the elements. This makes for door hardware that will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance, and to top it all off, we guarantee everything forever.

Building a family legacy has been going on since the beginning of time. Building heirloom furniture and doors intended to last forever is one of the primary ways we all have in achieving some small part of immortality. These cherished family items will touch our loved ones for many years to come through physical interactions as well as family photos . Many societies, including the Egyptians and Mayans, as well as European royalty and aristocracy have created and passed down heirlooms for thousands of years. More recently, the great artists and architects of the American Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century created such heirlooms.

In fact, if it were not for these artifacts, it would be impossible to know these people ever existed, how they were important to history. This is also the case in the 21st century within your own family. No matter if it’s a simple, hope chest with your personal message or name as a gift to a loved one, or extravagant, fine art quality, master handcrafted, solid cedar, custom medieval peekeasy door, these items will be important to the story of your family history long after we are gone. At we will never understand the insanity of spending hard earned money on a product that is designed to end up in a landfill.

This Is No Ordinary Entrance Door

iron speakeasy portal up close

Our hand applied, natural stain wood finishes will never crack, flake, chip, or peel off like paints and powder coats. That is because our painstaking and time consuming, hand rubbed stain infusion process begins with fine hand sanding, and infused open grain hand applied stains. Furthermore, additional steps add natural oils, waxes, and lacquers with curing between each step. That puts the finish into the wood, not just sprayed or painted on top of the wood. This makes for a brilliantly colored finish that will stay beautiful for generations with little or no maintenance.

This is not only an investment quality custom medieval peekeasy door, it is an appreciable asset that will add to your financial net worth. In the eyes of your family, it will become a cherished heirloom and a priceless piece of immortality that will be tangible for generations. It will serve as a way to celebrate your life, and its direct effects on who they are and what your influence was on your family's history. True artifacts enhance and enrich all of our lives in a way that mass-produced merchandise never will, thus preserving the best of mankind and expressing our love for each other.

This classically designed, custom medieval peekeasy door is the work of our world class design department, and in house senior engineers. All of our products are designed, and built under the direction of award winning artist H.J. Nick. Every product is signed and certified as world class fine art quality by H.J. Nick, before it leaves our world class factory. This type of certification ensures that your product has appreciable value in antiquity as fine art. Don't settle for low quality mass production products that are destined for yard sales and landfills, when you can own a work of genuine fine art that will add to your financial net worth.

Custom Medieval Peekeasy Door Wood Finish Details

H.J. Nick signature

Each custom entrance is an original design by award winning artist H.J. Nick that has been built using the same hand and materials that were used to build the originals. Don't settle for low quality mass production doors that will need replacing every few years. Own a genuine, investment quality piece that will add to the value of your property and is guaranteed to last forever.

The meticulous finish has been done in age old technique, using a 23-step hand rubbed process. We begin with fine hand sanding, and infused open grain hand applied stains. That puts the finish in the wood not just sprayed on it. This allows for the fine natural wood grains to show to perfection. There are then 20 additional steps requiring the application of wax, oils and lacquers with curing times between each process. This method is performed on all furniture and door wood surfaces inside and out. This tried and tested finish detail is required in the making of a one-of-a-kind, family heirloom quality product that meets world class investment quality standards that will stand the test of time. This process is the only way with little maintenance and the simple process of cleaning with oil will allow for a beautiful natural patina that will make this door more beautiful over time.

Our in-house master wood workers, and blacksmiths handcraft all custom furniture and doors to your design specifications. We only use the highest quality materials. All of our wooden furnishings, doors, and gates are made from solid, full length, naturally air dried timber. We believe in the quality of our products in craftsmanship so much that as result, our custom doors, and all of our products are guaranteed forever. When nothing but the best will do, call now for a pricing on this custom medieval peekeasy door at 1-800-292-0008or any of our other fine art quality custom entrances. These solid wood doors, and all of our products are handmade in the U.S.A. at our Scottsdale, Arizona factory.

Medieval Doors Historic Information And Importance To Architectural History

medieval castle door

Thomas Quine, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Medieval doors played a significant role in the architecture and daily life of the medieval period, which spanned from the 5th to the 15th century. These doors were not only functional elements but also served symbolic, decorative, and defensive purposes. Here is a brief history of medieval doors:

  1. Romanesque Period (10th-12th century): During the early medieval era, the Romanesque style dominated architecture. Doors during this period were typically small, solid, and made of wood or iron. They were often plain, with simple vertical or horizontal planks. Occasionally, decorative elements such as carvings or metal studs were added to enhance their appearance.
  2. Gothic Period (12th-15th century): The Gothic era brought about significant changes in architectural styles, including the design of doors. Gothic doors became larger and more ornate, reflecting the soaring heights and intricate details of Gothic cathedrals and churches. They were commonly made of wood or bronze and featured pointed arches, tracery, and intricate carvings depicting religious scenes, saints, or biblical stories.
  3. Castle and Fortress Doors: In addition to ecclesiastical buildings, medieval doors were crucial for castles and fortresses. These doors were constructed with robust materials like solid wood, iron, or a combination of both. Castle doors were often reinforced with metal plates, studs, and bars for added security. Some castle doors were fitted with drawbridges, portcullises, and other defensive mechanisms to prevent unauthorized entry.
  4. Decorative Elements: Medieval doors were not merely functional; they also served as canvases for artistic expression. Elaborate carvings, metalwork, and ornamental details were added to doors to showcase the skill and craftsmanship of artisans. Intricate motifs, such as foliage, animals, mythical creatures, and religious symbols, adorned the surfaces of the doors.
  5. Symbolic and Religious Significance: Medieval doors held symbolic importance in religious contexts. Church doors, particularly the main entrance or "portal," often featured elaborate carvings depicting scenes from the Bible, Christian iconography, or representations of heaven and hell. Passing through these doors symbolized a spiritual transition from the secular world to the sacred space of the church.
  6. Evolution of Hardware: Over time, advancements in door hardware were made. Medieval doors initially relied on simple latch mechanisms or wooden bars to secure them. However, by the later medieval period, doors started incorporating more sophisticated locks, hinges, and handles, often made of iron or bronze. These developments improved both security and ease of use.

It's important to note that the specific characteristics of medieval doors varied across regions, architectural styles, and social classes. Different countries and cultures had their own unique approaches to door design and decoration. Nonetheless, medieval doors collectively embody the craftsmanship, artistic expression, and functional needs of the era, leaving behind a rich architectural legacy that continues to inspire and fascinate us today.

Custom Medieval Peekeasy Door Info

  • Size - any size door, shape, structural jamb
  • Style - wood, design, hand carvings, decorative accents
  • Panels - windows, grills, door straps, inlays, clavos, sidelights
  • Glass - stained, thermal, energy efficient, decorative, protective
  • Hardware - hand forged wrought iron handles, latches, hinges, grills
  • Finishes - over 400 standard colors of hand applied stains and finishes or color match
  • Learn more about our custom doors is an American manufacturer of custom doors, door hardware, iron gates, and designer furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Featuring designs by H.J. Nick, we have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings, all hand crafted in America, since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that make a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended. Our master level craftsmanship ensures your custom wrought iron gates and furnishings will stand the test of time, and are guaranteed forever, backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship.

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