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Caernarfon Custom Exterior Door, Arched, Window Grill – ADSP900


Fortify your home entrance with our Caernarfon Custom Exterior Door, complete with an arched top and arched window door grill. We crafted this 4? thick solid cedar cypress door to capture the feel of a historic castle entrance. Our custom wood door also features a working speakeasy as a unique way to greet guests and capture that ?old-world? feel.

An Arched Exterior Door Ready to Withstand the Toughest Attack

Caernarfon Castle
Caernarfon Castle in Wales


Inspired by Caernarfon Castle, your custom cedar wood door is hand crafted from start to finish and features exquisite, heat patina wrought iron hardware. Caernarfon Castle was built during Edwardian times in England, and it has been standing more than 700 years. It was the most expensive castle built during that time, and what makes it unique is that it has remained largely untouched. Despite getting mixed up in several wars and a few sieges, most of what you see today on the castle is the original stonework.

Our Custom Exterior Door Features a Solid Wrought Iron Window Grill

You can bring medieval flare to your own home with one of our hand crafted custom entry doors. Each door portal window grill is hand forged by one of our master blacksmith and guaranteed to never rust. When you received this work of art, you?ll feel proud knowing that it will only beautify with age. We stand by our work and give it the best guarantee around: built to last forever.

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