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Basket Weave Hand Crafted Door – BWD400

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Establish Your Personality With This Creative Custom Basket Weave Entry Door

Specializing in custom doors and furniture since 1913 we proudly carry on the lost art of creating fine art pieces. This hand carved basket weave exterior door is made by our skilled craftsmen who hand carve each piece of thick solid cedar cypress wood to make a perfect pattern on this custom door. Using mortise and tenon joinery and only the best wood that we source from our own lots in America. Built to twice the hurricane code, so it can withstand any weather conditions. We guarantee your door to last forever.

Practical, Secure – Solid Wood Exterior Doors Built from History

Woven Basket Supplies
Basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts


The pattern featured on your new custom wooden door comes from basket weaving – the widest spread craft in human history. Though basket weaving has been around longer than any other ancient craft, the oldest known baskets are around 12,000 years old. Baskets have been used for packing and delivery, transporting small animals, storing food, and dropping ammunition to troops during times of war. Woven furniture made out of wicker even became popular during Victorian times and continues to be popular today.

We Custom Build For Each Customers Request We Never Mass Produce

All of our custom hardware is hand patina finished to the color you chose. Our master blacksmiths hand forge the solid wrought iron; coal fired and anvil hammered to achieve the shape and style you requested for your custom door. Never feel limited as to what you can have for your one of a kind handmade door pull. We guarantee that your custom pulls and handles will never erode or corrode.



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