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arched door with speakeasyarched door with speakeasy

Arched Door with Speakeasy Built To Last Forever – 1399SED


Arched Custom Castello Style Door with Speakeasy

Made from solid cedar cypress, with a loop level handle and slide lock all hand forged wrought iron made by our master blacksmiths. These unique pieces contribute the old world feel of the past to the present. Our custom solid wood doors also features a speakeasy, or door portal, as a unique way to greet guests and capture that ?old-world? feel.

Hand Crafted In America And Built To last Forever

Castello style entrance door is an Italian term that refers to the mansion or castle of a lord or ruler that is fortified against attack. Our custom made arched Castello Door is built with the same materials as the original craftsmen of the past used. Creating a truly secure structure while adapting style for your modern home.


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