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Wild Stallion Custom Wooden Door, Sidelights & Transom – CBSD890


The Wild West was a time of exploration and growth when America changed from independent states to a united country. Capture the rugged feel and excitement of the Wild West with our Wild Stallion Custom Wooden Door with Sidelights and Transom. We craft our doors using only 100% solid wood and hand forged wrought iron.

A Custom Wooden Door with an Iron Window Grill
Inspired by the Boomtowns of the Wild West

Boomtowns helped grow the western territories of the United States and contributed to the expansion of small towns into bustling cities. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, many small mining towns popped up across the American West, growing where there was a steady supply of precious metals and then fading if the mines dried up. These towns soon became known for being lawless, driving the image of the Wild West as a place for outlaws and gunslingers. Goldfield, Nevada is an example of one of these towns – its population once topped over 30,000 people, falling to only 1,500 people by 1920. Today, these places are known as ghost towns and are scattered across Nevada, Arizona, and the rest of the west.

Wild West Cowboys
Cowboys of the Wild West


Sidelights and a Transom Compliment Our Custom Wooden Door
Complete with a Beautiful Wrought Iron Stallion Horse Window Grill

Our custom wooden front door captures the spirit of the west using only techniques done by hand – our master wood workers and blacksmiths use only good, old fashioned man power to get the job done. Fine hand carvings around the window enhance the 1? thick thermal water glass with a wrought iron security grill. Of course, no story about the Wild West is complete without a Colt .45 revolver – captured in our rustic custom door pull. One of the most popular guns of the time, the Colt .45 makes a unique addition to your custom wooden door, adding just the right touch of ruggedness. Celebrate the history of the Wild West by installing this hand carved wooden door in your home today.

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