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Tree of Life – Master Hand Carved Solid Wood Door – TLD678


Our Tree of Life Solid Wood Door is an example of how we bring your vision into reality. Starting with a concept provided by one of our clients, our designers, carvers, and woodworkers created an amazing piece of art rich in history and mythological significance.

Your Hand Carved Custom Wooden Door Is a Work of Art

Versions of the Tree of Life have been found in various cultures throughout recorded history, including Egyptian, Armenian, Chinese, Indian, Native American, Mayan, and many more. For Ancient Egypt, the tree represented the chain of events that brought life into existence, and it demonstrated the order and process of all creation. To the Chinese, it was a symbol of immortality. A Taoist story tells of a special tree that grows one peach every three thousand years. Anyone lucky enough to eat one of the peaches will gain eternal life. Trees are so ingrained in mythology because they serve as strong symbols for death, growth, and rebirth.

The Tree of Life also carries scientific as well as religious significance. In the book, “On the Origin of Species,” Charles Darwin used a tree as a metaphor for the interconnecting relationships of organisms throughout evolution. Other metaphors about trees represent spiritual concepts. For example, Buddhist stories of Siddhartha Gautama say he achieved enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree (Body Tree), and some Biblical stories involve a tree of knowledge that man is forbidden to touch.

Fall In Love With Your Custom Wooden Door Every Time You See It

With the Tree of Life as the foundation, our designers added elements to this Solid Wood Door that captured our client’s individual taste and personality. The trunk of the tree features celtic knots to show the interconnectedness and continuity of life. Each section of the tree branches captures a different season – winter (on the left), autumn (maple leaves), spring (poplar leaves), and summer (oak leaves, on the right). An owl is perched on a winter branch and butterflies rest among the summer blooms. A white dove offers an olive branch for peace, and the world is depicted in the hanging apple. As the tree represents the birth and growth of life and the changing of the year, the sun and moon represent the changing nature of each day.

Your tastes and interests are a part of who you are, and our wood carvers are proud to help create a remarkable Solid Wood Door you can truly feel proud of. By showcasing something important to you or by creating your own style, you’ll bring a sense of comfort to your surroundings. Your house is your space – we can help make it complete with a hand carved custom made entrance door.

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