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Interior Hand Made Door – Highclere Castle – 1425ST


Interior or Exterior Hand Made Door Designed The Old World Style Way


Built To Stand The Test Of Time And Guaranteed To Last Forever


This custom wood door was inspired by the 19th Century European style Castles. Being the biggest need of Castle’s were large defense systems to protect the Castle and it’s city. Our custom interior hand made door is 4? thick of solid Cedar that withstand the test of time and is built for that same fortress protection. The diamond shaped rivets add decorative design to the door that matches the historical time period. All of our hardware is hand forged with solid wrought iron by our master blacksmiths, guaranteed to never rust.

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Highclere Castle


Built in 1679, Highclere Castle was built on top of the foundation that was once a Palace owned by the Bishops of Winchester. In 1839 began the expansion of the Castle which was rebuilt by Charles Barry. The Highclere Castle was used during WWII to house evacuee children to provide safety and shelter and also turned over to the war effort to train allied soldiers. In 2009, major repairs were made to the massive Castle and now is where the well known show Downton Abbey is filmed.


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