Gas Pump Nozzle Custom Door PullGas Pump Nozzle Custom Door Pull

Gas Pump Nozzle Custom Door Pull – HRT66B


Perfect for any man cave, den, garage, or automotive business, our Gas Pump Nozzle Custom Door Pulls capture the spirit of industrial America with solid hand forged iron work. Modeled after an EBW fuel delivery nozzle, our door pulls bring instant nostalgia to any environment.


Custom Door Hardware Built in America and Made to Last


Early Bowser gas pump in Washington, D.C.


Gas pumps and devices to dispense fuel developed at a gradual pace between 1880 and 1930 as automobiles gained popularity. It took many years and a lot of trial and error to develop the new consumer gas industry. The first two gas pumps were developed (independently) by Sylvanus Bowser of Indiana in 1905 and John Tokheim in 1901. Bowser?s pump, known as the ?Self-Measuring Gasoline Storage Pump,? held fuel in a storage tank that could easily be set up and dispensed in front of a store. Tokheim?s pump used a measuring system that pumped fuel into a dome and then released it into a gas tank.


Early Tokheim gas pump


By the 1920s, companies were using and creating many variations of Tokheim?s and Bowser?s pumps. Nozzle design also varied, some with automatic shut-off, and, in 1933, one manufacturer developed a mechanical calculator (a wheel) for more accurate measurements. This number wheel design dominated the market until the 1970s when the electronic pump was first introduced, a version of what we now use today.


How gas pumps changed over the years


A Custom Door Pull That Captures Industrial Design

The gas industry was created in America and developed in America, making it an important aspect of our history. Made with wrought iron, our gas nozzle custom door pulls are modeled after manual shut-off handles that feature a hanging hook on top.

Own a unique door handle, custom made, to show off your pride in American innovation. Add to your collection and enhance your home or business design – call us today for a quote: 1-800-292-0008.


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