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Fly Fishing Hand Forged Iron Chandelier – FFC728

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Immortalize Your Sportsman Spirit with a Hand Made Custom Chandelier

Fly fishing is unlike any other sport because it focuses less on the outcome and more on the journey. Celebrate harmony with nature and the joy of fishing with a Fly Fishing Hand Forged Iron Chandelier. Created in our own blacksmith shop, this Custom Chandelier features solid iron fly fishing rods that surround a heavy iron wire trace and prized North American rainbow trout. From authentic eyelets and hand-wrapped wire fishing line to intricately detailed handles and reel mechanisms, your Iron Chandelier is laboriously crafted by our master artisans.

For the Fisherman in Every Family – a Chandelier with Hand Forged Iron

River Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in a river


There?s something unique about the outdoors, where you can quiet your mind and focus on everything nature has to offer. Fly fishing provides a much needed respite from everyday life along with the challenge of throwing the perfect cast. Our Custom Chandelier sets a warm, welcoming glow with candle style bulbs housed in UL listed sockets and iron fishing hooks. The detail and natural patinas on the fish and rods are created by hand-applying iron oxides at over 1000 degrees. Just like the beauty of the rugged outdoors, the patina on your iron chandelier will never fade and it will continue to improve with age.

Rod and Brown Trout

A fly rod and reel next to a brown trout


Our Fly Fishing Hand Forged Iron Chandeliers Are Built for Longevity

Solid Iron Steel Structure: Each frame is hand forged and hand hammered. All wires are carefully hidden, and the 900 pound test chain attaches directly to your structural beam for superior support. The chandelier is designed to support a winch that allows you to remotely raise and lower your chandelier for service and maintenance.

UL Listed Light Sockets: Each hook is designed to hold a standard candle-style light bulb that can be easily switched out.

Iron Oxide Patina: Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees. This permanent finish beautifies with age. Scottsdale Are Factory does not paint or faux finish any of our iron creations. Every surface of our Custom Chandeliers is finely finished, including all undersides and hidden areas.

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