custom carved wood glass entry doorcustom carved wood glass entry door

Door Name Carved – Castello Ursino Catania Sicily – 1750GP


Custom Door With a Italian Twist on Antiquity

The Italian styles in America during the 1700s and 1800s emphasized simple, functional form and the beauty of clean design. Windows with multiple panels were also common on doors and windows. In this custom handcrafted door we combined a simple wood sidelight with a door and panels that offer symmetry and stability to welcome you and your guests home.

The Splendor of a Italian Castle Brought to Your Front Door

example of the beautiful results of combining classic design with modern aesthetics. Finished in 1792, it was built around a structure that stood for 200 years before the castle was commissioned. The architect, Robert Adam, combined elements from Greek, Roman, and Gothic architecture to create an impressive residence complete with multi-pane windows, characteristic of colonial style.


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