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Colt .45 custom door pullColt .45 custom door pull

Colt .45 Door Pull – Custom Western Door Pulls – HH156A

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Western Inspired Custom Colt .45 Door Pull Hand Forged By Our Master Blacksmiths



Matching Door Push Has Custom Logo Hand Etched In To The Solid Iron


Classic Colt .45 revolver custom door pulls created from solid wrought iron by the hands of our master blacksmiths. Our Colt .45 door pulls are hand made by our master blacksmiths using old world techniques. These wrought iron door pulls will add your own style and personality to your entrance. All of our custom door hardware is finished with heat applied patina at over 1000 degrees and are virtually maintenance free and guaranteed to never erode.

The Colt .45 ?The gun that won the west,? this 1873 single action army revolver was best known as the ?Peacemaker.? This gun was favorited by gunmen on both sides of the law. This pistol was a standard issue side arm pistol for soldiers during the Indian Wars. The 1873 Colt single action army revolver became the gun for American cowboys.


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