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Butterfly Theme Bed: French Inspired Design With Matching Armoire – BFB3100

An H.J. Nick Original Design Inspired By Jules Mansart And Le Grand Trianon

A True Work Of Modern Fine Art Incorporating Elements Of French Baroque Architecture And Art Nouveau To Create This Unique Bedroom Set


Butterfly Theme Bed: French Inspired Design With Matching Armoire

butterfly theme bedAt ArtFactory.com, our passion is building modern, fine art quality furniture designs inspired by history, and built using old world techniques and materials. Award winning artist H.J. Nick travels the world studying historic architecture in search of inspiration for his latest designs. With this butterfly theme bed, and matching armoire and nightstands set, he celebrates the style of Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Mansart, built Le Grand Trianon in Versailles with input from Louis XIV as a place for the royal family to get away from the more formal court in the Versailles palace. This style of late-Baroque architecture is represented in the detailed ironwork of the butterfly theme bed.

Our master blacksmiths hand forged this bed using period correct techniques and materials. That means that the ornate ironwork, such the delicate acanthus leaves are individually hammered into shape by hand. This makes so that each leaf is unique as would be seen in nature. At ArtFactory.com, your product is always a one-of-a-kind work of art that will never be exactly reproduced. Acanthus leaves were chosen due to their popularity with Louis XIV, and are a historically correct representation of that era's style. Per the customer's request two small butterflies were added, one each on the headboard and footboard. The ironwork is finished with a classic black patina except for the two butterflies which are in natural patina color. All wrought iron products are finished with a hand applied patina that is infused to the metal at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates a finish that will last for generations with little or no maintenance.

Butterfly Theme Bed Matching Armoire And Nightstand Details

butterfly theme bed with Art Nouveau armoireThis butterfly theme bed is featured with a hand carved, three-drawer armoire with Chapeau de Gendarme inspired cornice. Two matching three-drawer nightstands with heavy marble insets complete the set. The bed can be ordered individually, or as a complete set for your bedroom. This handcrafted furniture is built from thick, solid, exotic wood. Like all of our wood products, the armoire and matching nightstand are built with hand hewn, mortise and tenon joined construction. This type of old world craftsmanship makes for a product that history has shown will stand the test of time.

Additionally, like all of our wood products, it has been finished with a hand applied stain. All of our wood finishes are applied using a multi-step process that applies many coats of stain and lacquer with multiple steps of curing in between. This time consuming process blends the stain into the grain of the wood, and will not fade, flake, or crack like paints and powder coats. Whether it be the construction, materials, or the finish, every aspect of every product that comes out of our factory is made to world class fine art specifications. Furthermore, H.J. Nick signs each piece as a certification of its fine art qualification. This means that your custom furniture product will not only beautify your home today, but is also of investment quality, with future appreciable value in antiquity as fine art.

butterfly theme bed with custom wooden nightstandsGrand Trianon: Butterfly Theme Bed Historical Inspiration

Le Grand Trianon is a château (palace) situated in the northwestern part of the Domain of Versailles. It was built at the request of King Louis XIV of France (r. 1643–1715), as a retreat for himself and his maîtresse en titre of the time, the Marquise de Montespan (1640–1707), and as a place where he and invited guests could take light meals (collations) away from the strict étiquette of the Court.

Le Grand Trianon is set within its own park, which includes the Petit Trianon (the much smaller château built between 1762 and 1768 during the reign of Louis XV). Order your own one-of-a-kind historically inspired bedroom suite today. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008 for pricing on the butterfly theme bed, or any of our other fine art quality bedroom furniture. When nothing but the best will do, don't settle for anything less, contact ArtFactory.com.

Butterfly Theme Bed Info

  • Size - order any size, shape, design - as shown 7 foot tall head bd king size
  • Bed Styles - headboard, foot board, sleigh, four poster, canopy, tester, etc.
  • Furniture - matching armoire, dresser, high boy, night stand, etc. are available
  • Materials - solid wood, iron, hand carvings, decorative accents, upholstery fabrics, leather
  • Finishes - variety of hand applied stains and patina finishes
  • Click here for more about fine finishes
  • Hardware - hand forged iron hardware working or decretive
  • Learn more about our custom bedroom furniture

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