American Made Furniture

All Scottsdale Art Factory furnishings are solid American grown timber - not paste board and veneer - all hand built in America by master craftsmen to stand the test of time. It's always your choice to buy American and ensure your economic future. Understanding true quality furnishings makes all the difference. When you purchase investment quality furnishings, doors, gates, cabinets, lighting and hardware they will appreciate and keep up with inflation or exceed most other investments. For this reason, becoming wealthy has very little to do with a higher education or having a lot of extra money. It is truly making wise decisions and a state of mind that allows for you to pay once for a good value and continue to grow wealth while enjoying living in your investment. Not to mention, this type of investing has many other benefits such as priceless family heirlooms that have meaning and the ability to pass on your legacy to future generations. Learn why the rich get richer.

Over 95% of furnishings offered in America today - no matter the "Brand Name" - are foreign made, for profit only. Why would anyone pay 300% - 4000% mark up for a cheap, inferior, 3rd world made furnishing when you can purchase top quality, American made for less? It's a simple fact: when you purchase a third world product, you are working against the American economy. You are thus working against yourself and your future employment, or the employment of the customers your business depends upon. In addition, your choice works against employing American workers, making quality American products, as well as allowing these old brand name American profiteers to take advantage of the American consumer using these slight of hand tactics. This is not sour grapes, we challenge any expert to demonstrate differently - contact and correct us.

Scottsdale Art Factory Only Manufacturers The Highest Quality American Made Furniture

In over a century, we at Scottsdale Art Factory have never changed our policy of "Made in America, by American Workers, using American Made Materials". We will never compromise our family traditions for a fast buck, and we make no apologies for being proud, flag waving, American manufacturers of high quality, hand made, custom doors, gates, furniture, tables, lighting, and furnishings.

Conclusion: If your client is in the market for the best quality, hand made in America, solid wood doors or furniture, hand forged ornamental iron cabinet knobs, entrance door handles, entrance gates, iron furniture, hand forged lighting, etc. commercial or residential:

Scottsdale Art Factory Is The Right Choice.