Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table: Fine Art Designs By H.J. NickArapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table: Fine Art Designs By H.J. Nick

Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table: Fine Art Designs By H.J. Nick – SWLT135

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Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table: Fine Art Designs By H.J. Nick

This Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table from has been hand carved into this unique shape, and features a one-of-a-kind, hand chiseled glass top. Like all of our wood furnishings, it was built from all natural, solid, full length timber and is built with hand hewn, mortise and tenon joined construction. This type of materials and construction allows for us to offer an unmatched quality of product that is guaranteed forever. Additionally, all of our wood products are finished with a multi-process, hand rubbed stained finish. This process blends the stain into the grain of the wood for a finish that will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance.

The Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table as shown is 60"L X 20"W X 18"T with glass 18 1/2"T, but can be custom built in any size to fit either your residential or commercial property. It has been finished with an earth friendly, natural semi-gloss, water based lacquer. This is just one of the hundreds of different finish choices the we offer, and we can also match to any existing sample. Furthermore, these fine art quality designs as signed as original works of fine art by award winning artist H.J. Nick, and will have future appreciable value in antiquity.

Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Arapaho canoe inspired coffee tableWhen designing the Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table, H.J. Nick was inspired by an original Arapaho American Indian Tribe canoe built in the 1700's. The solid timber cocktail table base is built from old growth cedar that is hundreds of years old. Each piece of timber is hand selected by H.J. Nick himself. Chosen for its unique natural imperfections, graining, and age among other natural wood attributes.

Each piece is hand joined and cross grained, hand hewn, mortise and tenon joined and doweled to construct a stable table base that will never warp, bow or twist when it re moisturizes at any altitude or climate condition. This table base comes with mar proof levelers and can be leveled to any floor. This custom coffee table is hand carved to shape from thick natural air dried exotic cedar solid timber by our master carvers. All design carving is a solid part of the main structure. We do not use glued on design pieces, veneers or fake materials. Design carving appears on all sides allowing all of our furnishings to be used in the middle of the room as well as against a wall.

Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table Additional Details

This Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table is adorned with genuine cow hides, rabbit pelts and other-non-endangered animal hides and pelts symbolizing a successful hunt. The genuine gemstone turquoise celebrates a proud people, natural bird feathers are used celebrating nature and flight. The artists signature adornment is solid copper "concho", hand made, and signed by H.J. Nick as an original, and dated. Original works canoes have several genuine hunting arrow heads affixed to the inside of the canoe visible through the glass top. These genuine arrow heads can be from finds or digs in indian territory, and can be hundreds years old. Each canoe table base comes complete with grain matched cut from the same tree ore or paddle. This paddle is adorned with matching gemstone, feathers and a genuine raw hide wrapped hand grip.

The Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table features a glass top that has been hand chipped and polished. As shown, this table's glass top measures 70"L X 40"W X 1/2", an is made from thick, crystal plate glass glass that is 1/2" thick. It i hand chipped and polished to an arrowhead shape. This tedious method of hand chipping and shaping is a risky business even at the hands of our master craftsman. Sometimes it takes several large pieces of this high quality glass to get one usable top. Each glass top is one-of-a-kind, and can never be exactly duplicated. Don't settle for low quality, mass produced, foreign knock-offs when you can own a genuine work of fine art from Call us today at 1-800-292-0008 for pricing on your very own Arapaho canoe inspired coffee table, or any of our other custom made to order home furnishings.

Arapaho Canoe Inspired Coffee Table Info

  • Size - any size or shape
  • Style - wood, design, hand carvings, decorative accents
  • Finishes - over 400 colors of hand applied stains and finishes
  • Hardware - hand crafted hardware, handles, latches, hinges, accents
  • Learn more about our custom furniture, is a custom furniture, door, and gate manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, featuring designs by H. J. Nick. We have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings all handcrafted in America since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings is intended.

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