American Eagle Console TableAmerican Eagle Console Table

American Eagle Console Table: Master Hand Carved In The USA – ET1776

An Original Work By H.J. Nick

Inspired By The Majestic American Eagle

Made In America, By American Craftsman,

Proudly Making Great Fine Art Furnishings Since 1913!

Width:  80″

Height: 35″

Depth:  26″


American Eagle Console Table: Master Hand Carved In The USA

American Eagle Console TableThroughout history, many great architects have put their own twist on the iconic eagle console table. Examples of this type of table can be in throughout Europe, including Italy and France just to name a few. This type of table was also popular during the American Neoclassical movement of the late 19th century. Today, renowned artist and designer H.J. Nick has designed his own eagle console table in the 21st century. A true celebration of both historically inspired arts and crafts, and America's national bird.

This table is an original, hand carved work of fine art. Additionally, it has been hand hewn with mortise and tenon joinery. This type of craftsmanship makes for a table that is built to stand the test of time. Finally, the table has been finished with a walnut colored, hand rubbed finish. Our multi-step finishing process gives your furnishing a finish that blends into the grain of the wood, and will not fade or chip over time.

Our products are never machine carved, or made with a CNC machine like so many of the cheap imitation that are on the market today. The high relief, detailed carvings include both positive and negative levels that cannot be achieved using any machine. Every feather and talon has been intricately carved by the hands of one master artist.

American Eagle Console TableAmerican Eagle Console Table Granite Inlay And Wrought Iron Specifications

The American Eagle Console Table features a black, granite inlaid, table top. At all of our stone, marble, and granite is hand cut, on site, by our expert stone masons. We import the highest quality materials from quarries worldwide to provide for a quality of table top that is unmatched anywhere. This also allows us to offer our world class quality stonework in any color of your choosing. When when it comes to stone, marble, and granite, we only deal in the genuine article, and we never use faux or manufactured stones. What this means to you is a furnishing that is built to investment quality, with future antiquity value.

American Eagle Console TableThe table also features a solid wrought iron base, trestle, and undercarriage for structural support. This bass is hand forged by our classically trained blacksmiths using old world techniques. In other words, our wrought iron products are hand forged by master artists using fire, hammer, and anvil. Furthermore, all of our solid wrought iron is advance patinated by hand using a multi-step, heat applied process. Our fine art, iron oxide patina process makes for a finish that looks good from day one, then looks better as time goes on.

American Eagle Historical Inspiration

Since Roman times the eagle has been used as a symbol of strength. The American, or bald eagle has represented the United States since it's first appearance on our national seal in 1782. A committee that included founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Franklin designed the seal. Congress adopted the seal as official in June of 1782. The eagle now appears on everything from currency, to buildings, flags, and government documents. Because of this, the bald eagle is widely considered to be an American icon. Now, you can celebrate all things America, and the arts and crafts with this unique, one-of-a-kind, American Eagle Console Table.


More About Artist H.J. Nick

Presidential Oval Office Desk

Proposed Presidential Oval Office Desk By H.J. Nick

It has been well documented over the years that Artist H. J. Nick has always been extremely proud of his French and Italian roots. The grandson of hard working immigrants, that worked proudly as contributing members of the American Dream since the mid 1840s. His family never achieved great wealth, partly due to his father being left on a church step with a note with his name. On top of that, his father's mother died at his birth in 1906. His father was fostered out, and worked as child labor in the under ground coal mines beginning at the age of 12. Later, H.J. Nick's father, as he became older volunteered for two tours in WW2. He brought his three sons up to believe in America, and that freedom was not free.

He also believed that the American dream was only achieved by honest hard work and respect for others, as well as our country. H.J. Nick was fortunate to also have a strong, first generation immigrant mother, who instilled his faith in God, country, education, and the American dream. Even after his father became disabled due to a mine cave in, this spirit was still alive in H.J. Nick throughout his meager beginnings.

His contribution is this company that has always been a celebration of these immigrants that were never recognized for their great contributions. This American Eagle Console Table is a part of his attempt, along with his offering of the Presidential Oval Office Desk, which he designed to remind whoever was President, that MADE IN AMERICA is important to American society and its economy. The American Eagle Console Table is intended to be an offering to be a companion piece to the Presidential Oval Office Desk.

American Eagle Console Table Info

Fine Art Console Table Specifications

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