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Antler Custom Door PullsAntler Custom Door Pulls

Antler Custom Door Pulls – Expertly Hand Forged – HH146A


Custom Made Door Handles Inspired by Nature

Whether you enjoy hunting or just love the outdoors, our Antler Custom Door Pulls will enhance any lodge, cabin, or rustic home. Each pull is hand forged by our real blacksmiths, right here in America. Using only the highest quality materials, each pair of Custom Door Pulls is as unique as real antlers.

Deer with Antlers
Whitetail Deer


Antlers are sourced from a variety of subspecies, including elk and whitetail deer. These antlers are naturally shed and harvested, so no harm is ever done to the animal. Whitetail deer are found in North and South America and some regions of Europe. They are known for their docile demeanor, and their antlers are prized decorations for chandeliers, lamps, and more.

Antler Handles – Custom Door Hardware Made by Hand

We drew inspiration from the gentle deer to create our solid wrought iron Custom Door Pulls. Each handle is hand crafted by our master blacksmiths using tried and tested techniques. Besides creating each set in a unique form that mirrors natural antlers, we advance patina finish the iron so it is virtually maintenance free. Available in any size, style, and finish.

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