Fleur de Lis Door Pull And KnockerFleur de Lis Door Pull And Knocker

Fleur de Lis Door Pull And Knocker – HH588


Handmade Wrought Iron Door Pulls, Made To Never Erode Or Corrode

This Fleur de Lis Door Pull and strike plate design hand crafted with the inspiration of the original 13th century design. Our custom hardware is hand forged solid wrought iron, hand hammered by our own master blacksmiths. Using old world techniques our custom door hardware can be made in any shape, design and style our customers dream up. Our master level blacksmith highly specialize in creating custom door hardware in any finish, and theme to fit the d?cor of your residential or commercial property. Each wrought iron door knocker, pull or door handle is patina finished using hand applied iron oxide heat finishes and is virtually maintenance free.

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History Of The Beautiful Fluer de Lis

The Fluer de Lis is debated by many historians as to when it was created and in which region it was originated in. One thing that is easily agreed upon is that it takes the style of pre-medieval era and moved into the Gothic era. Many groups all over the world starting using this symbol and defining the flower to mean whatever they wanted. Nevertheless, the symbol being disputed as to what it actually represented, there are historical records that the Fluer de Lis was used by King Louis VII, the middle 12th century as a cognizance, then the golden Fluer de Lis began being popularly used as a symbol for Royal households in France.



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