Wall Sconce Mountain Style - LS046Wall Sconce Mountain Style - LS046

Wall Sconce Mountain Style – LS046

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Mountain Lodge Lighting Fixtures

This custom wall sconce has been inspired by the mountain lodge in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The surrounding iron framework features hand hammered copper tree and forestry designs, and a fiberglass light diffuser shade with copper stitching elements. All iron on this custom wall light is finished with a patina, which is created by hand applying iron oxides to the metal and curing them at over 1000° in order to make them a permanent part of the iron. These colors, which will never fade, chip or crack, will only improve with age. UL listed. This custom wall sconce may be ordered in any size or style.

Teton Mountain Wall Sconce – As shown – Color: P-540 Iron Patina Green, P-510 Brown, P-500 Black – Solid Iron Frame with Copper Silhouettes and Fiberglass. Cabin style custom lighting fixture features 100% hand forged and hammered iron frame, copper silhouettes and fiberglass diffuser with copper stitching. UL listed.

Custom Sconces and Lighting Fixture Options

  • Size – custom size, shape, number of lights
  • Style – iron, design, shape, decorative accents
  • Finishes – variety of hand applied patina finishes
  • Metal – iron, brass, copper, or precious metals available in all styles
  • Glass – decorative, frosted, clear
  • Learn more about our custom lighting designs

Fine Art Wall Sconce – Built To Last Forever – Every Detail Hand Forged By Our Master Blacksmiths – H J Nick Certified Originals Are Heavy Detailed To World Fine Art Standards (no castings or hollow faux metals) – Made In The Same Hand By Our American Master Craftsman, As It Was Hand Crafted In Its Era – Solid Hand Forged Wrought Iron – All Heat Applied Iron Oxide Hand Patina Finished To World Class Antique Collectors Standards – (no powder coatings, no spray on faux paint jobs) – Family Heirloom Investment Quality – All Electrical Is UL Listed – Order Any Size Or Style – Virtually Maintenance Free – Guaranteed Forever – Backed By Over A Century Of Fine Craftsmanship Since 1913

Designs By H J Nick and ArtFactory.com is a handmade in America custom lighting, door and furniture manufacturing plant based in Scottsdale, Arizona with distribution world wide. We have been designing and building some of the world’s finest custom furnishings for top designers, builders, and architects with ordinary clients as well as more prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want custom lighting and furnishings that has a BIG WOW factor as well as elegance. They all want investment value that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which it is intended.

Wall Sconce featuring the Grand Tetons – Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

The Teton Range is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in North America. A north-south range, it is on the Wyoming side of the state’s border with Idaho, just south of Yellowstone National Park. Early French voyageurs gave the name “les Trois Tetons” (the three breasts). Between six and nine million years ago, stretching and thinning of the Earth’s crust caused movement along the Teton fault. The west block along the fault line was pushed upwards to form the Teton Range, thereby creating the youngest range of the Rocky Mountains. The fault’s east block fell downwards to form the valley called Jackson Hole.

This ancient magma has manifested itself as noticeable black dikes of diabase rock, visible on the southwest face of Mount Moran and on the Grand Teton. Erosion and uplift have exposed the granite now visible today. One reason the Tetons are famous is because of their great elevation above their base. Unlike most mountain ranges the Tetons lack foothills, or lower peaks which can obscure the view. As such, the Tetons rise sharply from 5,000 to nearly 7,000 feet above the surrounding terrain; the view is especially dramatic from Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole and the Tetons have been the setting for a number of prominent films.


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