Regal 16th Cen Custom Dining Furniture, Leather Chairs - RA540CCRegal 16th Cen Custom Dining Furniture, Leather Chairs - RA540CC

Regal 16th Cen Custom Dining Furniture, Leather Chairs – RA540CC

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Experience true luxury for the first time with our Regal 16th Century, Custom Dining Furniture, Leather Chairs. Inspired by manor houses of the past and designed for ultimate comfort, we hand carve every piece so you can take pride in true, quality American workmanship. Each custom wooden chair features American epidermis leather and an 8-way tied suspension seat for maximum comfort and longevity.

Custom Dining Furniture – From 16th Century Design to Modern Homes

We designed these cedar cypress leather dining chairs with elegance in mind. The lords of medieval European manor houses would prefer furnishings to be finely crafted with beautiful detail. Each of our wrought iron nailheads, used for trim, is hand forged, and our wood undergoes a 10-step finishing process to ensure your chair will remain protected and unblemished for generations to come.

We honor the tradition of remarkable craftsmanship by making all of our custom dining furniture by hand using American woodworkers who are trained in old world techniques. We believe in bringing history forward, so many of our designs are inspired from furnishings and places of the past. When you relax on our genuine leather, custom wooden chairs, you?ll notice the difference American craftsmanship makes.

Your New Custom Dining Chairs Will Enhance the Room Around You

Our design is simple and regal to emphasize the warmth of real, solid wood. For a complete solid wood dining set, please see our Regal Manor House Custom Dining Table with Double End Seating – RA540C

Call us now to get started on your Custom Dining Furniture: 1-800-292-0008

Built the old fashioned way
“when everything made in America was built to last forever”
and craftsmen were proud to sign their work.

Solid Wood Custom Dining Furniture:


At, we have been hand crafting designs by H. J. Nick and using only use the best quality materials and all-American workforce of master craftsmen since 1913. Our expertise ensures your custom wood furniture will stand the test of time. We guarantee our work forever. Call us to discuss your custom project today at 1-800-292-0008.



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