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Phoenix Rebirth Hand Carved Entrance Door – HCP897

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We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind furnishing for our clients so they can enhance their homes and bring their own unique visions into reality. Our Phoenix Rebirth Entrance Door began with a concept provided by one of our clients. Using their ideas and sketch as a foundation, our designers, carvers, and woodworkers created a spectacular work of art rich in history and mythological significance.

A Story from Antiquity Expertly Hand Carved on Your Entrance Door

The story of the Phoenix, a bird that rises from the ashes of its own destruction, can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt. What we now call a Phoenix was originally called the Bennu bird by Egyptians, who also associated it with their sun god Ra. According to their stories, the Bennu created itself from the fire of a sacred tree. When it reached the end of its life-cycle, it built a nest of cinnamon sticks and set itself on fire. From the ashes, a new bird emerged. The story of the Bennu was closely related to the rise and fall of the Nile and the Egyptian calendar, further connecting it to the idea of death and resurrection.

The Greeks later adapted the symbology of the Bennu and associated it with their city Phoenicia. The city of Phoenicia was known for producing and exporting purple dye, which was one of the most expensive dyes in the ancient world. In Greek mythology, the bird became known as The Phoenix and was associated with the color purple and nobility. According to their mythology, the bird also went through endless births and rebirths by lighting itself on fire. The Phoenix also remained associated to the sun through their god Apollo, who was said to stop his sky chariot each day in order to listen to its beautiful songs. Many subsequent cultures have carried on the legend of the Phoenix and it is now a strong symbol for personal growth, resonating with humankind?s aspirations.

From Start to Finish, We’ll Help You Create Your Dream Furnishing

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Our designers expanded on the Phoenix motif to truly capture our client’s unique needs and personality on this handcrafted custom door. The bottom of the scene begins with ocean waves rolling and crashing along the shore. In the background of this wood door are mountains in front of the dancing flames that consumed the Phoenix. The Phoenix soars into the sky towards the sun and moon, born again as a new bird. The four elements (water, earth, air, and fire) are masterfully captured in this scene along with a depiction of celestial bodies (the sun and moon).

The Phoenix speaks of the resilient nature of the human spirit. You can enhance your home with one of our custom doors and inspire your guests with a beautifully carved scene of anything you can imagine. You’ve overcome difficulty in your life and worked hard for your accomplishments, and our designers and master woodworkers are proud to help you create a unique furnishing to feel proud of.

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