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Lion Head Custom Door KnockerLion Head Custom Door Knocker

Lion Head Custom Door Knocker – LK1801


Lion Head Custom Door Pull Made From Solid Wrought Iron

Our custom made Lion head door knocker is created from solid wrought iron hand forged by our master blacksmiths. All our hardware is custom made, patina finished guaranteeing never to corrode so you can enjoy your unique, one of a kind piece of art for years to come. Our blacksmiths take great care of the intricate detail of all our hardware we create and their talents allow them to do so. Custom door knockers add a powerful statement to any guests that come to your front door. We design all our custom door knockers precisely to our customers request and to exact specifications that fit your style.

Historical Origin Of Door Knockers

Door knockers are most popular in England than in any other country in the world to date. However, historically door knockers began in Ancient Greece as they were a sign of respect before entering a home or building. Spartans would shout at their arrival, the more sophisticated Athenians would use a knocker to announce their arrival. Door knockers were considered ?new technology? at that time in place of having a butler whose sole purpose was to only answer the door for visitors.


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