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drive-in theme home theaterdrive-in theme home theater

Drive-In Theme Home Theater: Custom Design Inspired By Route 66 – MOV1405

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Drive-In Theme Home Theater: Custom Design Inspired By Route 66

This nostalgic drive-in theme home theater is features a projection type movie theater screen with surround sound, movie lights, and antique drive-en speakers. This design is ripped from the historic pages of the American 1950s – 1960s drive-ins found on the mother road. It is a custom designed Route 66 1950s inspired Man Cave theme entertainment display. This design can be built to fit any size projection screen or flat screen TV you may have. It features your choice of built-in speakers for surround sound. The flashing lights on the marquee can be changed with the touch of a button to several formats, or turned off during movie viewing.

At we can custom build your movie screen surround in any style, era, or marquee to fit your Man Cave. Our ability to design is limited only by your imagination. This is a great way to flash back to the good old days of when going to the drive-in was a great form entertainment or social gathering place. Use this in your man cave garage and sit in your car, put the speakers on your window of your favorite muscle car or hot rod, turn down the lights, and your back in the good old days. Contact us to order your custom Man Cave movie screen and vintage collectables at 1-800-292-0008.


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