Bi-Fold Doors - Wrest Park 19th Cen England-Earl de Gray -1401GPBi-Fold Doors - Wrest Park 19th Cen England-Earl de Gray -1401GP

Bi-Fold Doors – Wrest Park 19th Cen England-Earl de Gray -1401GP


Bi-Fold Windows And Doors – Locking – – Original Craft Not A Reproduction – Fine Art Entrance Door – 4″ – 5″ thick – Solid Natural Air Dried Cedar Cypress – Designed From The Historical Record – Hand Hewn, Mortise And Tenon Joined – Built The Old Fashioned Way “When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever” And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work – All Species Of Woods Are Available – Structural Jambs 3″ Thick With 1″ Seal Surface Using Solid Full Length Timber (no fake laminates, scarf joints or glued up parts,no veneers ) – Insures A Perfect Seal – Master Craftsmanship That Insures Your Furnishing Will Stand The Test Of Time – A True Investment Quality Family Heirloom And Valuable Appreciable Asset – All Carving Is Hand Carved By Our Master Carvers (no cnc or faux casted resin carving) – Fine Art 10 Process Hand Rubbed Finished To World Class Antique Collectors Standards – ( no spray on faux fast paint jobs ) Engineered To Twice Hurricane Code World Wide – Virtually Maintenance Free.

All Decorative Hardware – Master Blacksmiths Solid Hand Forged Genuine Wrought Iron – (no castings or hollow faux metals) – All Heat Applied Iron Oxide Hand Patina Finished – (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes) – All Working Hardware Is American Made And Guaranteed Forever – Hinges Are Matched To PSI Of Door – Under Door Seals Are Mechanical Insuring A Perfect Seal – Exceeds All Requirements For Energy Tax Credits Rebates – Order Any Size Or Style – Backed By Our Over Nine Decades Of Fine Craftsmanship Since 1913
Designs By H. J. Nick and a handmade in America custom Doors & Gates manufacturer based in Scottsdale Arizona has been designing and building some of the worlds finest furniture for some of the world’s finest interior designers with ordinary clients as well as most prominent and successful Persons,C.E.O.s,leaders,royalty and celebrities for the last 97 years. Most of our clients want a Door Or Gate that has a BIG WOW factor and elegance. All want investment value and entrances that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which it is intended.

Don’t Be Fooled By Our Upscale Appearance. Our prices are usually lower than lesser quality name brand mass production imports, “We Are The Factory,” Hand Crafted In America Since 1913.

Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Wrest Park is a country estate located near Silsoe, Bedfordshire, England. The present house was built in 1834-39, to designs by its owner the Thomas de Grey, 2nd Earl de Grey, an amateur architect, the first president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, who was inspired by buildings he had seen on trips to Paris and based his house on designs published in French architectural books such as Jacques-Francois Blondel’s Architecture Francois (1752); the works were superintended as clerk of works on site by James Clephan, who had been clerk of the works at the Liddell seat, Ravensworth Castle, County Durham, and had recently performed as professional amanuensis and builder for Lord Barrington, whose house, Beckett Park, Berkshire, was designed by his brother-in-law, Tom Liddell, an amateur architect. Wrest has some of the earliest Rococo revival interiors in England.


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