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Basedow Custom Iron Gate – 1267IGB

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Uniquely Crafted Custom Iron Gate for Side Entryway

Since 1913, our expert blacksmiths have been making the finest custom iron gates found anywhere in the world. We craft all custom gate entrances in our own American factories so we can guarantee fine art quality. Built from solid wrought iron, our Basedow custom made gate features a whimsical design that adds style to any driveway. Our custom made hardware is secure and will never break. You can choose any style and design you want to compliment your unique home. Our blacksmiths will ensure you get exactly what you need and every custom made wrought iron gate is guaranteed forever.

Custom Wrought Iron Gates That Will Last for Generations

Basedow Manor


The beauty of this iron gate was inspired by Basebow Manor in Germany. During the 13th century, the von Hahn family moved to the village of Basedow. Once there, they built a castle in 1467. After some time, this knight?s castle was altered into a representative renaissance style manor house in the 16th century. Today it is maintained by residents in the village and open to the public.

The techniques that built Basedow manor and turned it into the exquisite manor it is today are the same techniques we use to build every iron gate. Our skilled blacksmiths hand forged every part with real hammers and anvils, just like in the past. This guarantees your gate will remain sturdy and functional through any type of weather. Each custom gate entrance is kept closed with wrought iron hardware, and the real heat applied iron oxide patina means your gate will never erode or corrode.

Real Custom Wrought Iron Gates Affordably Priced

We use real wrought iron for every custom gate while keeping the cost affordable. In fact, our pricing is the best value you?ll find anywhere. We never use fake finishes or hollow metal, only real materials that are guaranteed to last for generations. Your custom gate entrance will soon become a cherished heirloom.

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