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We are "Old Fashioned" and we believe the phone should be answered by live courteous personnel. Please call toll-free 1-800-292-0008 operators are standing by.

Due to our custom-only hand crafted manufacturing we have no products pre-priced. However, due to green planet and the advancement of web technology, we have phased out our paper catalogs and flyers, so please call 1-800-292-0008.

We offer our products to individuals direct only in areas not protected and represented by an exclusive dealer. In order to purchase factory-direct as an individual, simply enter your zip code in our Request Quote Form to see if you qualify to purchase direct, or call 1-800-292-0008.

Notice: We are a factory and do not sell retail when you, as an individual, are accepted to purchase factory-direct - you are considered a non-exclusive dealer in our system, and are agreeing to all dealer policies.

pricing policiesGeneral Pricing Policies

Our fine art furniture, door, lighting, hardware and restoration process is unlimited. Prices are determined by the cost of American labor and materials. Every item is the same quality and value. It makes no difference if your budget is large or small.

Prices are determined only by the scope of your project. Our staff of professional architects, engineers, and designers are ready with on the spot pricing.

Call: Monday - Friday 1-800-292-0008 between 8 AM - 5 PM MST.

We have no high pressure sales people or retail services

We only employ knowledgeable, factory experienced, engineers, architects, and designers with the ability to see your project through every facet of our building process. All designs are derived or conceived under the direct supervision of H. J. Nick and our art department. We offer written quotes in original works and limited edition. Call 1-800-292-0008.

Note: Factory Direct Pricing Is Offered By Phone Only - Due to the need for specific information about your project no email request for pricing will be processed.

Our staff of knowledgeable professional imagineers, architects, and certified designers answer your call live, standing ready to price quote and answer all of your questions or concerns about your project needs. These professionals are limited only by "your" imagination and your clients budget. We are more than happy to quote pricing based on your customer's design preferences and specifications.

We Can Help You To Design Your Dream Project (at no extra cost)

For customers that are in a rush and not willing to wait for our production times

Showroom and Display Model Pricing Policies

All showroom displayed, custom designer furnishings, are H.J. Nick, original, fine art pieces. All display model items are available for sale. These showroom items must be purchased as a complete set. These will not be sold separately due to grain matching or design, signature, or finish matching. All pre-made inventory is offered at full manufacturer's selling price, plus 25%.

Call 1-800-292-0008
Showroom hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm

Fax your order or design: 1-480-948-5885 (24/7 Nationwide & Canada) or Contact Us

Reduced Pricing and Discounts are Sometimes Available

Our Pricing and Discounts are Based Upon American Labor and Material Cost

We do not import or buy or resell any merchandise of any kind.

We are a Custom Manufacturer Selling Directly to Dealers

Many of our dealers are high-end custom home builders, commercial builders, as well as architects and interior designers. Many are selling only to total project customers and do not accept direct customers in their area.

In Areas Not Represented by Exclusive Dealers We Sell Individuals Direct at Dealer Prices

We also allow the same discounts if available to individual customers.

We Never Sell Retail or Inflate Prices on Order to then Discount Later and Create a Sale

Most retail stores mark most merchandise up to create the illusion of the urgency of a sale. Please do not confuse our discounts with this retail practice.

We Pass Manufacturing Process Savings On To You

These custom designer furnishings discounts are also available to qualified individuals in areas not dealer protected.

Pricing Policies (Discounts):

  1. We Offer Discounts when You Pay by Cash, Check, or Wire Transfer.

    If you are not using a credit card, and we are not charged processing fees associated with credit card use, you save.

  2. We Offer Discounts when You Order More than One of the Same Item at the Same Time.

    Our set up cost, labor and other related materials usually cost less on multiple processed items than a per item basis.

  3. We offer "Production alike Deadline" Discounts.

    When you order an exact item at the same time as someone else, you can qualify for this discount. The amount of this discount depends upon the number of items on order and their due dates, related to the date you order, because our set up cost, labor and other related materials usually cost less on multiple processed items than on a per item basis.
    Example -- You order one chandelier the same item number and size as four other dealers/customers that also just ordered one each in the last ten days. This means we now have a total production of five to build at the same time, so if you get yours ordered in this time frame, you will receive the benefit of the multiple order discount - the same as if you had ordered five.

  4. We offer "Similar Process" Discounts.

    Discounts apply if you order the same item, or similar item, at the same time as someone else or with similar production lead times. The amount of this discount depends upon the number of items on order, how much is similar, and their production due dates. Our set up cost, labor and other related materials usually cost less on multiple processed items than on a per item basis.

    Example -- You order 35 interior doors with the same ten-coat process and color as another order being processed at the same time. This means our curing rooms heat at the same time, using the same fuel as the other order. Color mixing time is the same, spraying times are cut over all, and hand rubbing time is cut significantly.

  5. We offer "Extended Lead Time" Discounts.

    These discounts are applied when you order early, with lots of lead time for the production process. The amount of this discount depends upon the number of items you order, how much is similar, and their production due dates, as well as the length of time required for production. This allows us additional time to couple similar items together at our pace to optimize our labor and processes.

    Example -- You order all of your doors, windows, lighting and furniture 18 months prior to your required delivery dates. Each item is timed with your construction project needs, and allows for maximum saving.

  6. We Sometimes Offer "Pre-Payment" Discounts.

    All orders require fifty percent pre-payment, with final payment due pro-forma (completed and ready to ship) on our dock prior to shipping. Depending upon the size of your order and lead time requirements, it could be several weeks or months to pro-forma. The cost of this money is incurred by and factored into the cost of of each order, so if you prepay there are discounts available.

When Offered - If You Prepay Your Order - You Save!
Ask Your Dealer Factory Representative for Details

Forms Of Payment Accepted
We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, personal checks and cash.

pricing policies Pricing Policies, Sales Policies, and Dealer/Customer Policies

We are truly a custom manufacturer of fine art furnishings. This means we do not have any pre-made in stock items. We require a 50% minimum non-refundable deposit on all orders, and balance pro-forma on each order. All orders can not be cancelled, and are non-refundable.

No Minimum Order Required

You may also become a dealer with no minimum order required without protected territories (see your factory representative for details).

We Sell Individuals Direct Only in Areas Not Represented by an Exclusive Dealer

In order to purchase direct, or become a dealer, you must order our dealer catalog package. Simply enter your zip code in our catalog order section to see if you qualify to purchase direct.

One Million Dollar Minimum for Dealers

Minimum of one million dollars in floor display and annual sales volume is required to become an exclusive dealership, with defined protected territories. This is available only in areas not already represented by an authorized exclusive dealer.

The Most Purchasing Power is Always Manufacturer Direct

Multiple purchase discounts are available.

Advanced Payment by Cash, Check, or Wire Transfer

Eliminate fees for all credit card purchases if an advanced payment is made by cash, check, or wire transfer.

Qualified Orders for Our Mill Run (Production) Dates is a custom manufacturer with 100's of dealers world wide. When you order an item, we must set up for the specific production run. This set up time is an expensive part of our cost, yet has no bearing on the quality of our furniture.

Many of Our Dealers Order Months Prior to their Anticipated Delivery Date

This allows our factory to group items together with other similar pieces. By grouping orders for specific production dates, we can bring the cost down significantly. We at are willing to pass this savings on to you. To receive these discounts, you must order prior to specific production dates, if available. Ask your designer for details.

We Offer a Free Layaway Program

We accept 30% down on any order with 10% of the original invoice total as a monthly payment. This program is interest free and there are no warehousing fees, with the exception of orders left past promised shipping dates. All items will be shipped within 65 working days of final payment unless otherwise agreed upon.

We Offer an Error Free Ordering Program

When you order by phone, fax, internet or by mail, no matter if it is just one item or a complete house full of furnishings, will double check with you, or your customer, on every detail of each item in written form. This computer generated invoice will be sent by mail, fax or email for your inspection. If we do not hear from you in written response, your production date will be held. All production promise dates begin upon your final approval of plans and color selections.

Guaranteed Promise Dates

Promise dates, as well as approximate production dates, are based on a five-day work week, excluding holidays. Also, promise dates are F.O.B. (freight on board) our dock, and do not account for shipping times or delays caused by your trucking company. See additional details on promise dates in our "Production Dates Guaranteed" section.

Note: Certain Items May Require Extended Delivery Times

Due to possibly your building contractor not meeting anticipated completion dates etc. offers free climate controlled warehousing on all early orders until your anticipated approximate longest ship date per your invoice. We also offer reasonable warehouse fees if extended time is required. Ask Your representative for details.

Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-292-0008.

Read our company Policies and Terms.