Dealer Design Policies & Rules

We Offer a World Class Design Department

The art and design department is comprised of professional artists and designers headed by H.J. Nick and aided by a state-of-the-art production facility. A designer is assigned to work directly with you, our client, to develop the ideal piece whether it's a custom door, gate, lighting or designer furnishing. Production begins only when you are completely satisfied with the final design.

There is no additional charge for this creative process, despite the fact that our new product development cost may be greater than the purchase price. We welcome this type of creative input because our art department derives much of its inspiration from this type of custom work, resulting in a truly client and artist created products.

Contact one of our design engineers today to discuss your product and custom fine art furnishings needed for your new build or remodeling job, residential and commercial projects are welcome, call 1-800-292-0008.

Note: Due to all product development being a part of our creative process at no extra charge, all designs patents and copyrights are retained by L.L.C. unless written agreements are signed prior to development of any particular customer furnished design. Retaining design and development rights will usually result in a design development up charge.

Note: All Design Changes Are Billed Or Credited Upon Final Audit.

Our designers are not salesman and do not function as such. In the event a design is changed and approved by dealer/customer during the design faze of your project it is the responsibility of the customer/dealer to ask about any changes in price if it is a concern. Depending upon final audit prior to shipping you will receive either a credit or a debit invoice in detail to be paid in full prior to shipping.

Dealer Design Procedures, Requirements & Warranties

All design information: measurements, sizes and code requirements are your responsibility. All designs created by our design department require the dealer/customer or his agent's signature of approval prior to beginning production. We also require signed approval on all designs furnished by dealer/customer. We always provide a CAD drawing from requiring a signature prior to assigning a production date. All production times begin at production assignment date.

If you send us a full copy of your building plans we do not assume responsibility for errors and/or omissions to build specific items. We use your plans only to help create our shop drawings that require your signature approval. It is the full responsibility of the dealer/customer to correct all errors and/or omissions at the time of signing off on all shop drawing details we create. strives to correct or clarify all details necessary in order to build your product to your requirements. We are responsible only for all signed/approved details on our specific drawings only. All errors and omissions on signed/approved shop drawings are the full responsibility of the dealer/customer. is not a licensed building contractor nor does it wish to be one. This means all building code requirements are the full responsibility of the dealer/customer. If code specific requirements relevant to any country, city, county, or state worldwide are needed, it is the dealer/customer responsibility to make such requirements known prior to pricing and or manufacturing. products almost always exceed code requirements worldwide. However, we have the ability to acquire engineering certifications at dealer/customers request at additional cost.

However, if the final product has any errors or omissions from what had appeared on the signed/approved shop drawings, it is the sole responsibility of and will be corrected at the expense of

Learn more about our Production Policy regarding natural material and custom, by hand manufacturing. - Phone And E-Mail Policy

Our people are not salesmen and we do not sell retail. All of our office personnel are focused on production and correct information in order to produce each fine art product to required specifications. Each person is instructed to communicate with a dealer/customer only when it is necessary during the production process.

This usually entails calls or emails on drawing approvals, finish information, fabric choices, etc. (Note: If we do not receive this information in a timely manner, your product might be pulled from the production schedule until we receive this vital information.) It is the dealers responsibility to respond to these requests in a timely manner. No in-process calls are to be initiated by any of our production personnel, which allows total focus on the proper production. The final call you will receive is from our shipping department usually prior to arranging the shipping of your completed custom furnishing products.

We Limit Our Workforce in Order to Deliver the Highest Quality Products

We Reserve the Right Not Accept an Order. We only accept orders that we have manpower to build properly. This also means we have the ability to choose who we work for. Over the years we have had the pleasure of developing many repeat customers, and enjoy a special personal and business relationship with each one. Many of these customers are dealers/ builders that depend upon us for their financial existence. We believe that these relationships should always be respectful as well as helpful to each other. We will always go the extra mile to accommodate our customers. We believe this process should always be a positive and rewarding experience.

We feel a company is only as good as its promise or word. Since we always live up to our promise we expect our customers to do the same. We reserve the right to cancel any order and return all money, minus cost incurred without impunity, if we feel the dealer/customer is being unrealistic or problematic in an unreasonable way, such as stretching the scope of our agreed upon written agreements, or pushing production times as to not allow us to maintain our standard of quality production.

This policy is not in place because, in order to be truly creative at this level, you must keep a positive environment. In order to do that we at feel each customer must have the ability to truly appreciate our creative labor intensive process. It's a family tradition.

Due to the nature of custom manufacturing, cancellations are not accepted.
This includes discounted items.

All invoices are considered an offer on the part of the buyer and become binding upon management approval

If you have any questions or concerns about your custom built furnishings project, please contact us at 1-800-292-0009.

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