A Word From H. J. Nick


The Number One Question Our Customers Ask:
“Why are you so successful while a lot of similar businesses are not in the current economy?”

The answer is simple – earned word of mouth referrals. We always deliver more than our customer expects and guarantee it forever, backed by our fine art craftsmanship and family reputation since 1913.

We always treat our customers as we would treat one of our own family members – with honesty and respect. Our focused attention to detail produces the best investment quality, fine art products that can be made for our customers, living up to our reputation of world class and the highest quality standards in all custom doors, gates, lighting, furniture, and furnishings we build as well as antique restorations.

We only create products that our customers can be proud to own and appreciate, just as my hard working immigrant forefathers before me produced. Regardless of profit, the customer’s financial status, or the size of the order, all customers are treated equally – and all projects are built in the order accepted – and built to the highest quality standards.

All of our products are intended to be family heirloom appreciable assets to last many generations. This process is labor intensive, and for me, my family and my extended family (our work force) is a labor of love keeping the American arts and craftsman movement alive. It also allows us to bring back history as far back as antiquity in its original craft. It has been my experience for the past four and half decades that most of my customers agree it’s worth the wait, and many of my older customers express how many of these products have become priceless to their family experiences. This is one of biggest personal pay offs of all to me and my family.

To me, one point of personal pride is employing young apprentices that bloom over time into master American craftsmen keeping the lost arts alive and allowing these proud Americans their personal American dream. To me this has paid off more than money can ever buy and continues in our shops with your support every day. Many of our employees span several generations and are focused on making the best product that can be made. You will also become acutely aware once you experience this kind of ownership, as thousands of my customers report, that buying American Hand Made is important not only to us but to yourself in more ways than can be imagined at first blush.

When you choose us as your handmade in America fine art furnishing manufacturer or antique restorer we expect to earn your business the old fashioned way, by keeping our promise and delivering the best world class products bar none – complete product satisfaction or your money back. You have my personal word and signature on it.

Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-292-0008.