Quote Request FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that in today's fast paced world that most business transactions can take place electronically. The custom nature of our manufacturing process necessitates that our initial communication happen by phone. This is in no way meant to be an inconvenience to you, but instead assures that we can provide you an accurate quotation.

Any of the product examples that you see on our website are examples of products that we have built in the past. We do not keep any of these products in stock, nor are any of our products mass produced in one stock size. Each is a unique, one of a kind, fine art quality product based on your exact specifications. Like the old Jack In The Box commercials used to say, "We Don't Make It Till You Order It."

When someone sends us a picture of one of our products and asked how much it costs, that is an impossible question for us to answer. If you were to call up Toyota and ask them how much a red car costs, they would not be able to quote you unless you gave them detailed information such as what model number you wanted, what features, etc. Our products work much in this way. Everything from the size, to style of hardware, to type of wood requested can effect the price drastically.

We do not hire sales people, as we are a manufacturer, and not a retail company. We also do not believe in the practice of making unwanted follow up "sales calls" if a quotation is declined. We believe our products speak for themselves, and will never rely on pressure or sales tactics. When you call us, at 1-800-292-0008 a live person will always answer the phone during business hours. We don't believe in making people talk to machines, or press 1 for English.

If you request a quote from us, one of our architects or engineers will contact you directly One Time Only. You will be provided a quote directly at that time for the product(s) that you are requesting at that time. No pressure to buy, just the promise of a high quality, built to last, and to your specifications, product if you choose to order.

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