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Production Policy “A Must Read”

We only build custom products to your design specifications. We understand we are in a class of our own and cannot be compared to fast-process mass production or most other handmade in America manufacturers. We also understand that we build products that are your customer’s “wants” and not needs. At we build furnishing elements of wants and dreams that will become someone’s reality, and create a special environment or a cherished family heirloom. We believe this process should always be a positive, rewarding and enjoyable experience. We also feel we must earn your business and future business. The following company rules and policies are maintained for this sole purpose.

Company Policies

We only make products that are the best in the world. We use the same process that has been tried and tested for millennia and we only build products that will stand the test of time.

Our apprentice system ensures our old world techniques are passed on and will never be lost. We are never understaffed and our master craftsmen have years of experience creating furnishings that are held to only the finest world class standards.

Since we are committed to quality over mass production, our crafting process takes a certain amount of time and cannot be sped up. Hand-cut wood, heat patinas, hammering, and sanding all require patience to complete. We explain our entire process up front with each dealer and customer to allow the proper amount of time to complete our handmade work.

Production Policy and Natural Materials

We Always Keep In Mind Our Customers Lead Times And Produce Our Products In A Expeditious Manner.

We Are Never Short Handed Because We Do Not Take Projects We Feel We Cannot Produce To Our Customers Expectations. Many Times We Are Early Of Our Projected Deadlines And Lead Times. However This Age Old Process Must Be Followed To The Letter To Produce Products Of This World Class Fine Art Level And Sometimes We Are At The Mercy Of Weather Conditions Such As High Moisture Slowing Curing And Finish Times, Or The Human Condition And Must Allow Extra Time To Complete Some Projects.

Our focus is always on delivering the best possible product. Due to our satisfaction that the product matches the approved drawings at point-of-delivery guarantee, as well as our long term forever warranted structure – nothing leaves our dock no matter the promised due date until 

H. J. Nick and his predecessors, regarding our dealer/customer relationships, is one of a true creative partnership with the highest regard for each other while in pursuit of the necessary information to make each order a reality at the highest world class level. In order to continue this process, H. J. Nick feels each customer must display the ability to truly appreciate this creative, labor-intensive process and we must be allowed a correct amount of time for this process.

We pride ourselves on quality manufacturing only – not speed or short cuts for profit. This does not mean we are slow in production, it simply means we take the time to create our handcrafted custom furnishings correctly – working only with your best interest in mind – so that you may enjoy a true investment quality product for decades to come.

We Have Many Testimonials That Agree – The Product Delivered Was Well Worth The Wait – Ask Your Rep For Details

We Always Go the Extra Mile to Accommodate Our Customers

We have an old fashioned company secret that we believe has allowed us our success. The secret is “We Always Deliver to Our Customers More than They Expect”. We never rush or short cut our process for profit, and we only deliver products that we can sign our name to with pride and Guarantee Forever, no questions asked. We feel a company is only as good as it’s promise or word. H. J. Nick and his family have always believed that a person is only as good as his word. This is a family tradition: We always live up to our promise and deliver more than was expected, and in return, we have the expectation that our dealers/customers will do the same.

We Limit Our Work Force in Order to Deliver the Highest Quality Furnishings

At, we limit our work force in order to deliver the highest quality, custom built doors, gates, lighting. hand forged hardware and furnishings to world wide collector standards, bar none. We only accept orders that our manpower can handle and deliver on schedule – with all our emphasis on quality of the finished product, not on profits. Some production time estimates can change due to processes out of our control, such as our use of all natural raw materials, handmade process, and if you add extra details to your order this can extend the estimated time frame, as we want to create your custom furnishing that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We Reserve the Right to Choose Who We Work For
Even during recession years, we have always been in the unique financial position to have the ability to turn away work from undesirable customers, no matter the monetary offer. By “undesirable” we mean dealers/customers that have no respect or understanding of the time consuming process it takes to create a handcrafted fine art furnishing. Any pushing, rushing, threats of any kind, persons thinking they are our only customer, customers with large orders thinking they should come before our other prior commitments and jump ahead of the production time line, will not be tolerated. In our entire history of custom building hand made furnishings, we have always delivered on every commitment, and it is therefore in your best interest for us not to be rushed or pushed in our construction process. This is why we encourage all of our dealers to make certain each customer is aware that all projected production times are approximate due to working with natural materials and the unpredictability of curing times, humidity levels, and the human condition pertaining to hand-craftsmanship and manpower. There are times when we feel no danger of unpredictability in materials and hand processes for a customer’s project, that we can offer a guaranteed due date. Talk with your representative to discuss any extra premiums involved and if your project is available for this production time guarantee, call us at 1-800-292-0008.

We Reserve the Right Not Accept an Order, or Stop Work on Any Order in Process Under the Following Conditions
Over the years we have had the pleasure of developing many repeat dealers/customers. We enjoy a special personal and professional relationship with many of our customers. Some of them solely depend upon us to produce products in a timely manner, usually in step with their building project timetable. Many of our relationships translate to their very financial existence. We take this responsibility seriously requiring our production system to be free of clichés that affect the majority, depending upon our products. We believe that our relationships should always be respectful, as well as helpful, to each other. On the rare occasion a dealer/customer disregards, manipulates, or causes this proven system to fail, we reserve the right to stop work with impunity.

We Reserve the Right to Cancel Any Order and Return All Money, Minus Cost Incurred, with Impunity
If we feel the dealer/customer is being unrealistic, problematic in any unreasonable way, determined by LLC, such as, but not limited to, stretching the scope of our agreed upon written agreements, verbal changes not lived up to, unreasonable work change request with no offer to cover our cost, using our manufacturing or designing process in any way not consistent with our policies, using our good name or logos in any way not authorized, a stop work order can be invoked. This also applies to payments not received as prescribed and agreed upon verbally or on each written invoice. In case of a stop work order being issued, all cost incurred by due to this action will be billed to the customer. Further, you will be placed on our never-sell factory direct short list.

Due to the Nature of Custom Manufacturing, Cancellations are Not Accepted Under Any Circumstances
This includes any discounted items.

Note: All Design Changes Are Billed Or Credited Upon Final Audit.

Our designers are not salesman and do not function as such. In the event a design is changed and approved by dealer/customer during the design phase of your project it is the responsibility of the customer/dealer to ask about any changes in price if it is a concern. Depending upon final audit prior to shipping you will receive either a credit or a debit invoice in detail to be paid in full prior to shipping.

Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-292-0008.

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