Pool Table Construction | Custom Billiards Table Designs

Many of the world's finest builders, architects, interior designers, as well business and home owners choose Scottsdale Art Factory for their custom furnishings, due to our large flexible American work force and our ability to manufacture coinciding with meeting construction deadlines. We do not import or out-source our custom furnishing projects, allowing us total control of our supreme quality products and your production requirements. Contact us today to create your custom billiards table, pool table, or game room furnishings at 1-800-292-0008.

Notice : All pool/ billiard tables need professional set up by a certified and approved service expert or company. These pool or billiard table experts will level, set the slate bed, install pockets, bumper rails and stretch and install the cloth. You must use a certified professional service for this process or this may void your warrantee. This falls out side of your delivery companies expertise and is not part of your delivery fee.

Billiards & Pool Table Construction at Scottsdale Art Factory

custom pool tables

Table Construction: The heavy framework of the body is built up in what is known as mortise and tenon construction - various kinds of hardwood are tongued and grooved together, and double cross in set on the outside and inside, with the outer woods being handsomely grained. The legs are built up in the same way. No major frame parts are bolt on all of our tables. Most table construction is better than the original.

Cushion Rails: 1 3/4" thick x 3 3/8" with facing complete 2 1/4" x 4 1/8". Compound construction built up of various kinds of hard woods of different grains. Plain solid corner blocks covering joint bolt heads. Cap rails 7/8" x 3 7/8" on upper surface and covered with Walnut Cherry or Rosewood 1 1/4" thick. Solid hardwood corners. Ivory or mother of pearl diamond sights. Inlaid cushion bolts covered by what is known as blind cushion rails. Inlaid name plate. Eight rail bolts, one on each side, and 4 on each end of 4 1/2 x 9' table; and 10 rail bolts on each side and 5 on each end of x 10' table.

Slate Bed: Best quality Italian slate, 3 pieces to the set. The joints are made with brass dowels and sockets, with no screw holes in playing surface. Thickness of slate either 1" - 1 1/2" or 2".

Cushions: The cushions furnished with every billiards and pool table, unless otherwise specified, are our celebrated Match Game perfect angle custom.

Pockets: The pocket irons are the No. 6 style, which are countersunk in the ends of the cushion rails by means of a brass socket. Black cover leathers reinforced at point of contact giving extra durability. Best quality red trimming leather and green fringe. No. 10 best quality green worsted or hand made leather pockets, as may be preferred.

Pool Tables - Order Oversized or Regulation Size

Order regulation size or oversized billiards tables or pool tables with a playing field of 44"W X 88"L and features a full 1"- 2" thick, three piece, oversized Italian slate bed. The 5 3/4" wide rails are created from cherry wood and have hand bevelled edges and beautiful inlaid mother-of-pearl diamond sights. The highest quality K-66 profile cushions and tournament spruce felt (other colors available), have been used in our custom pool table designs. Decorative bevelled skirt edging compliments all four sides. Special mar proof levelling feet are used to insure accurate levelling. All wood surfaces are finished with 10 process of hand rubbed finish. Our designer pool tables and billiards tables are shipped to your location ready to be set up and levelled by a qualified professional.

Our Tables Exceed the Billiards Congress of American Standards

All our tables exceed the equipment standards specified by the Billiard Congress of America. The pockets and baskets are designed to B.C.A. specifications, and are created from the highest quality, fine grained leather with braided tassels. The pocket base is designed from solid matching hardwood.

Furniture Finishes on Custom Pool Tables

All our finishes are hand-rubbed furniture finishes or patinas. Our finish process includes five to ten coats of hand rubbed furniture quality clear oils or water based non-toxic lacquers. It is applied, cured, rubbed and re-applied depending upon whether your order is Limited Edition or old growth Original works. Every surface on our custom designed billiards table or pool table is fine finished including the under sides and hidden areas. These tables are built to investment, family heirloom quality and are finished to be virtually maintenance free and will stand the test of time. You may choose the natural color or from over 400 standard stain colors, or computer color match to any stain color from a sample you provide. Most of our finishes are water based and earth friendly. You may order any single color or texture finish at no extra charge. Learn more about our Fine Finish Information, including important details about our finish process, patinas, sealants, and wood finishes.

Hand-Crafted Furnishings from Scottsdale Art Factory

The master craftsmen at Scottsdale Art Factory build all our products using the identical methods and materials of the historical period of each furnishings design concept. All 21st century custom designed furnishings are hand crafted using classic traditional building methods that stand the test of time. Whether we build products for your modern dream home or ancient castle, every element is always built to future collectable, antiquity investment, quality standards. Each piece is destined to become a part of your family's appreciating financial net worth, as well as a proud-to-own legacy heirloom. Contact one of our master designers today to discuss your desired furnishings at 1-800-292-0008.