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Our Design Department Signature Fine Art Furnishings

H.J. Nick and approach its world class master craftsmanship, beginning with signature fine art furnishings and architectural elements, in collaboration with ideas derived from you - the dealer/interior designer, builder, the consumer, and other sources. We use exotic woods, natural stone, gold, silver, copper, and hand forged wrought iron anvil hammered by our classically trained master craftsmen.

We use only the finest natural materials, such as top grain leathers and fabrics, to create truly original works of art. When you order your custom piece, our artists are equipped with the latest technologies to easily help you create any style or theme you may envision. We build custom doors, gates, lighting, furniture, tables, and furnishings - you and your customer's dream environmental elements - to world class collectors standards.

Call today and speak with one of our design engineers about your custom furniture and furnishings, built the old fashioned way by the hands of master craftsmen, at 1-800-292-0008.

We Offer a World Class Design Department at Our Furniture Art Factory

The art and design department is comprised of professional artists and designers, headed by artist and furniture designer H.J. Nick, and aided by a state-of-the-art production facility. A designer is assigned to work directly with you, our client, to develop the ideal piece. Production begins only when you are completely satisfied with the final design. There is no additional charge for this creative process, despite the fact that our new product development cost may be greater than your purchase price. We welcome this type of creative input, because our art department derives much of its inspiration from this type of custom work, resulting in truly client and artist created products.

Over the years, has developed a design process that we feel is state of the art. Each new design or idea presented to us for custom build, goes through this process. Based on the original design details presented to us, we do a preliminary CAD shop drawing that is sent to you for your approval, rejection, corrections or additional instructions. This process will be repeated until you are ready to sign your drawings as approved ready for production.

Designs are Limited Only by Your Imagination

Shop drawings are prepared for all projects. You don't need to be creative, or be able to draw, to enjoy custom furnishingsthat are exactly what you have in mind. A studio drafting person works in close contact with all customers and architects, and makes certain all drawings are fully understood and approved before starting fabrication. Each of our products is custom crafted to your individual specifications. We use only the finest materials.

This creative process is provided at no extra charge to you. When you submit a design idea or a change to one of our designs, our design department provides these changes in the form of a shop drawing for your approval. You're in control because your project does not begin assembly until you approve your drawings.


When Designing Custom Furnishings, Cabinets, Doors, Lighting and Hardware: Use Any Photo Found Anywhere.  Even If It Was Drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, We Can Build It


Whether you are wishing to create a special piece of custom furniture, door, gate, lighting or hardware we can help. If you have seen a photo, have a memory of a item you may have seen on a trip or in some other catalog, there is no extra cost. Our technologically savvy staff is equipped with the latest computer hardware and software in order to assist you in designing exactly what you have in mind, from the best natural materials available and in any size or style.

When we receive an order for a new original item, the sketch, photograph, or description (usually drawn in pencil with simple instructions, and an attached photo from a magazine or someone else's catalog) is given to the art and design department headed by H.J. Nick. These sketches usually come with additional instructions like, 'we like this style and size but would like to match it to our existing furniture', or 'we would like it in another style', or more commonly, 'we like this style but without the false back, particle board', or 'we would like it to be better designed for our specific use not just designed to fit into the shipping box'. We have set up this system to ensure that all our clients feel comfortable bringing their design ideas to our company. We can work with any information from the most detailed sketches, to the most basic crayon drawings.

We Always Keep Your Design Confidential.
Note: This policy of confidentiality works directly against our advertising. This means when we create new designs specifically for your project, you may request us not to show this design publicly. A number of our clients are of national or international fame and we guarantee their anonymity - famous or not. We do not use our clientele to promote our business without their express permission.

Considerations Before Ordering Custom Furnishings from

When purchasing furniture for your new luxury residence, there is much to consider. Shaping your living space can be a daunting task, especially when considering your personal style in comparison with the many functions of your modern upscale home, whether entertaining, relaxing, or working.

Your Environment Should Be a Reflection of Your Individual Tastes.
Attention to detail is extremely important, whether contemporary or traditional. You might ask yourself whether you should hire an expensive interior decorator to help make your decisions, settle on a style based on price, or cull your own imagination for design options. When do you compromise quality for price? How do you know if the furniture you receive is a superior product? Are you sure your investment is truly heirloom quality? Sometimes, even experts have difficulty answering these seemingly simple questions.

We Have Helped Set The Standard
At we are aware of the difficulties faced in an age where quantity sometimes outweighs quality; where price doesn't necessarily reflect craftsmanship, and where mass production limits the creative process. We have helped set the standard of the American furniture industry since the turn of the 20th century. With over a century of satisfaction, we offer custom furniture, sometimes for less than the cost from national brand name production furnishing companies, and even include a quality Forever Guarantee. Your comfort is our only concern. We will help you design your interior to create the environment you've always dreamed about, at no additional cost to you.

Our People Have a Saying,
You Can't Buy Better Quality Anywhere Even For More Money.

Our design policies and procedures are outlined and explained on this page. Call us to discuss your custom project designs 1-800-292-0008.