Wrought Iron Custom Entrance Gate Searles Inspired 1278IGTWrought Iron Custom Entrance Gate Searles Inspired 1278IGT

Wrought Iron Custom Entrance Gate Searles Inspired 1278IGT

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Custom Made Wrought Iron Gates Built by Skilled Blacksmiths

We specialize in the world’s finest custom wrought iron gates and hardware, and we’ve been crafting everything from hand since 1913. Built from solid wrought iron, our expert blacksmiths hand forged and hand finished this elegant iron gate. We can design anything you can imagine to fit all your needs. Furthermore, we guarantee your custom gate entrance will last forever.

Every Iron Gate is Crafted with Old World Techniques

Searles Castle

We drew inspiration from the past to create this gorgeous and sturdy custom entry gate. Searles Castle was designed by Henry Vaugh to be a smaller replica of the medieval Tudor manor of Stanton Harcourt in Oxfordshire, England. Construction was completed in 1915 and cost more than a million dollars. This amazing replica consists of more than twenty rooms, including a grand stairway and sun porch.

American Made Iron Gates

We admire the ambition to want to preserve the past, so we created this custom iron gate to carry on tradition. We build every part in our own American factories. All wrought iron is finished with a heat applied iron oxide so it will never erode or corrode. Our blacksmiths hand hammer and hand shape every part so you’re guaranteed quality that lasts. Order any size or style. We can even craft a custom gate from your own designs.

Protect your driveway and home with this intricate iron gate that features two inner arches and eye-catching patterns, all wrought iron.

Design your custom iron gate today. Give us a call: 1-800-292-0008


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