wood door with arched panelswood door with arched panels

Wood Door with Arched Panels & Sidelights – SQD4578


Make a great first impression with our Wood Door with Arched Panels and Sidelights. The solid manor house design inspired custom entrance door features a beautiful transom on top to let in additional light for your hallway or entry room.

Custom Wood Entrance Doors

A Solid Wood Structure from the Late Gothic Era

What sets this custom made door apart, is the unique curve of the arched panels and the emphasis on vertical lines – a trait found in perpendicular Gothic architecture. The use of transoms on top of doors and windows became commonplace during the 14th century along with towering cathedrals that pointed towards the heavens. Your custom, handcrafted door features six expertly carved panels, our signature wrought iron hand pull, and a vertical style perfect for any classically-minded owner.

The Perfect Manor House Door with Regal Appeal

In England, a manor house was a sign of wealth and nobility. In the 18th century, guests were proudly greeted on the doorstep and welcomed into a relaxing and courteous atmosphere. Every inch of a manor house was carefully considered to display the owner’s impeccable taste.

When you choose one of our custom manor house doors, you’re adding to the upscale quality of your home. The door of your residence is an opportunity to showcase your style and create a theme for your decor. Sidelights, arched panels, and a transom are beautiful customizations that create or enhance the manor house feel.

Fully customizable, your wood door is guaranteed to last – call today for a quote: 1-800-292-0008


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