Triple Tier Antler Chandelier, Custom Ceiling Lighting - LAC9000Triple Tier Antler Chandelier, Custom Ceiling Lighting - LAC9000

Triple Tier Antler Chandelier, Custom Ceiling Lighting – LAC9000

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Natural Antler Chandelier
Featuring Our Patented Hand Forged Iron Frame That Will keep You Safe

See Herein The Stages Of Construction That Is Only Available At Llc

Our Exclusive Hand Forged Master Frame With Wire Juction Housing Allows You To Easily Change Out Wiring And Bulb Fixture Should A Electrical Problem Occur In Future

See How This Main Frame Allows For Hundreds Of Pounds Of Natural Antlers To Be Kept Structurally Sound Attached To This Custom Master Frame.

Size as Shown: 8 by 8 foot

Emphasize the look of your amazing home by adding an accent piece unlike any other. Our extra large, 8 foot custom antler chandelier is truly an engineering marvel! We developed a wrought iron frame that prevents any structural failure, allows each antler to be directly connected to the main support and wired, and even remains hidden so each antler can be appreciated for its natural beauty.

Our Custom Ceiling Lighting is UL Listed and Meets All Code Requirements

Our custom antler chandeliers are incomparable with any others, always affordable, and designed for safety. The ceiling canopy allows the top closed link chain to be secured through the cap mount, while also working with the remote controlled lighting winch. Each light is internally wired, by hand, so you can easily switch out any bulb. The bottom tier is also removable for easy moving and installation.

Antler Lighting Is Ideal for Your Rustic Home

The first recorded antler furniture was made in 1825 for the hunting castle of count William of Nassau in Germany. Since then, antler chandeliers have been a popular fixture in America since the late 1800s, when they were added to homes and lodges as an homage to the outdoors.

Order Any Size or Style – We Can Help Design Your Dream Custom Lighting (No Extra Cost)

We specialize in creating some of the best deer antler lighting in the world. By choosing antlers for their gloss and color consistency, guarantees your home will have a warm fireplace glow. Each chandeliers features cruelty-free, naturally shed deer and elk antlers so you can appreciate the care and craftsmanship we put into our work. We choose to honor the outdoors by creating only sustainable, custom lighting fixtures you can feel proud to own.

Features of Our Patented Antler Lighting and Hand Made Chandeliers:

  • Hand forged wrought iron frame (3/8 to 1 inch diameter), hidden and guaranteed safe
  • Concealed wiring boxes and 1200 pound test chain
  • Chain connects directly to your solid beam or ceiling application through a decorative cap
  • Chandelier weight is transferred to the chain and solid beam so all pressure is taken off the antlers, ensuring they will never crack
  • Frame allows for a custom chandelier remote winch so you can raise and lower the lighting fixture for easy service and maintenance

Bring the beauty of nature into your own home. We strive to create unique functional art you?ll feel proud to display. We can also custom design any deer antler lighting to your specifications.

Call us today to to get started! 1-800-292-0008

All antlers are 100% natural and each iron part is well hidden using various colors of hand applied iron oxide patinas. Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees. This permanent finish beautifies with age.

Each antler is wired internally and UL listed. Using a 1/4″ steel central wire enclosure that is attached to the steel main structure, we secure each antler end individually to this frame. We then bore through each lighted horn to run our wiring internally. This allows for each light socket and wire to be able to be replaced with little effort. All custom ceiling lighting is hipot tested according to the rigorous rules and guide lines of Underwriters Laboratories. After passing this test, they may carry a UL seal of approval. These seals are recognized by building code inspectors the world over.

Additional Features of Our Custom Ceiling Lighting and Antler Chandeliers:

  • Candelabra light sockets are solid heavy brass or iron
  • Solid, hand forged, wrought iron (no hollow faux metal, no fake castings)
  • Genuine wax, solid brass, brushed steel, or horn end butts
  • Hand applied patina finish on all custom iron lights
  • Available in any iron patina finish
  • Available in clear, frosted, and decorative glass accents
  • Waterford genuine crystal available
  • Order any size or style custom lighting designed for your residential or commercial space

  • All antlers offered by are natural AA Grade, top quality and gathered from the Great North woods immediately after they are naturally shed. We obtain first antlers as soon as possible so they are completely intact and not left to rot or get eaten by rodents. We never use seconds, fake or faux antlers of any kind. We source from the great American Northwoods region because calcium deposits are abundant and result in higher quality, structurally sound antlers.


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