Tournament Billiard Table Brunswick & Balke Co 1878Tournament Billiard Table Brunswick & Balke Co 1878

Tournament Billiard Table – Brunswick & Balke Co 1878 – CPJ0547



Historic Antique Design – Tournament Billiard Table – Brunswick & Balke Co 1878 – This A Museum Quality Pool Table Is Circa 1878 – Solid Domestic Cherry – Marquetry (marqueterie) The Fine Art Of Hand Inlaying Solid Wood To Form Decorative Patterns ( not to be confused with glued on cnc veneers) – Cherry Wood Rails – Cushion Rails Vulcanized Gum Rubber – Cherry Solid Hardwood Top Rails – Mother Of Pearl Diamond Sights – 24 Ounce Billiard Cloth – 1″ To 2″ Best Quality Precision Ground Italian Slate – Handmade Leather Pockets – We Can Build This For You In Original Craft, Not Reproduction Made In The Same Hand And Materials As The Original – Designed From The Historic Record – Hand Hewn, Mortise And Tenon Joined (means master crafted no fast process) –

Built The Old Fashioned Way “When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever” And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work </div id=”red12″>- All Species Of Woods Are Available Structural Frames Using Solid Full Length Timber (no fake laminates, scarf joints or glued up parts,no veneers – no glue ups – no bolt on,s) – Master Craftsmanship That Insures Your Furnishing Will Stand The Test Of Time – A True Family Heirloom And Valuable Future Antiquity – All Carvings Hand Carved By Our Master Carvers (no cnc, faux casted resin carving or gang carving) – Fine Art 10 Process Hand Rubbed Finished To World Class Antique Collectors Standards ( no spray on faux fast paint jobs ) – Best Fabrics – Top Grain Leathers (processed American tanneries only ) – Guaranteed Forever – Backed By Our Over Nine Decades Of Fine Craftsmanship Since 1913.</div id=”red14″>


Master Blacksmithing Solid Hand Forged Wrought Iron – (no castings or hollow faux metals) by the hand of a genuine master craftsman using age old tried and tested techniques.- All Heat Applied Iron Oxide Hand Patina Finished – (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes)
Designs By H. J. Nick and Art Factory. Com LLC a handmade in America custom furniture manufacturer based in Scottsdale Arizona has been designing and building some of the worlds finest furniture for some of the world’s finest interior designers with ordinary clients as well as most prominent and successful Persons,C.E.O.’s,leaders,royalty and celebrities for the last 99 years. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a BIG WOW factor and elegance. All want investment value and furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the ambiance of the environment for which it is intended.



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Historical Origin And Design Inspiration



Tournament Billiard Table- Brunswick & Balke Co 1878- Fine Art Furnishing – Grain Matched –

This Is The Actual Table Built For, and awarded to the winner of, the first Brunswick & Balke Co. sanctioned “International Billiard Tournament” in 1878. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples of billiard table cabinet artistry ever built by what always was and remains today the most prominent American pool table manufacturer in the history of the game, Brunswick.


Standing 5 ft. wide and 10 ft. long, work of art was proudly owned for nearly all of its life by the John Maas family of Albany, N.Y. Mr. Maas was a German immigrant, born in 1846, and he lived until 1929. Although a premier cabinetmaker by trade, he went on to become an extremely successful builder and land developer. He lived in a magnificent Victorian home at 239 Sherman St., in Albany, N.Y.


With Mr. Maas’ architectural collaboration, the Hotel Wellington was built and thus his name quickly became synonymous with “fine quality,” and “impressive grandeur.” As demanding as Mr. Maas obviously was, we can readily understand how a billiard table of this pedigree fell nothing short of what a man of his stature would have demanded, cherished, and been able to afford!


With the cooperation of the New York historical society and research library in Albany, has led us to conclude that Mr. Maas purchased the table from Cyrille Dion, the winner of the 1878 World tournament, as we found no evidence of Mr. Maas himself ever having competed professionally.


Serial number of just 23 this was the twenty third one-of-a-kind table, custom built by the Brunswick & Balke master craftsmen, specifically to be awarded as the 1st prize trophy for winning a major tournament. This had to be what they felt was their “coup de grace” as they realized it was going to permanently represent their virtually world renowned reputation in the field of billiard table design and cabinet making by being used in, and awarded as the grand prize for, one of, if not “the” most important sanctioned International Billiard Tournament(s) ever played.


With the finest Artimus cushions, the highest quality Simonis cloth, 4-piece, one-inch Italian slate bed, we can legitimately claim, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” All of the hardware that you see when the table is assembled is either 24 gold-plated, brass-plated, or solid brass. The entire table is veneered with ebonized cherry, the rail-tops are solid cherry with inlaid ivory diamonds and its uniquely shaped original 1870s gold-plated Brunswick & Balke nameplate. The intricately carved ebony urns and reeds beautifully contrasted by their rich gold-leaf paint surroundings. There is also a, hand-painted gold-leaf work of art imbedded in each end of the spectacular cabinet in the form of a rare “Minton China” tile! The likeness depicted is reported to be that of “Adonis, the god of love!”.


Having remained in the Mass family until 1961, outside of their family, we are only its second proud owners and have played less than fifteen games of pool on the table. Enough to know that it plays wonderful pool and literally stuns all who see it in person. Given these facts and assertions, we are entirely confident that this table is genuinely everything we claim it to be. It’s certainly fabulous, and undoubtedly ONE-OF-A-KIND!! We feel it is one of the absolutely finest antique billiard tables in existence.



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