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racing theme custom wood doorracing theme custom wood door

The Famous Great Race Of 1914 Hand Carved – 3236HC


American Made Hand Carved Wood Doors With Historic Correct Themes Hand Carved On Original Crafted Castle Doors – Hundreds Of Years Of History To Enjoy In The 21st Century.

This hand carved door displaying the ?Great Race? from 1914 really demonstrates the phrase ?boys and their toys.? Can there be a better door for a man cave than one that displays the early days of planes, motorcycles, and automobiles? Inspired by a painting, ?The Need For Speed? by David Uhl, our designers and master carvers created this door imagining Jake DeRosier watching the historic race between Barney Oldfield (car), Lincoln Beachey (plane), and Don Johns (motorcycle). The heavy carving creates a lot of depth in the design and the colored finishes make the door pop.

Our carvers captured an event as a frozen moment in time and made sure to add the little details that make a door like this special. Each individual link is carved out for the chain on the Indian motorcycle, the individual supports for the plane wings are precise, and even the bolts on the plane engine are carved. Our master craftsmen then finished this door with a variety of colored finishes, bringing more life to an already exciting carving. Is there a moment in history that you would like to have immortalized in your home? Share your ideas with our designers and we will be happy to help you create your own piece of history.

This hand carved historic door of the “Great Race” features Barney Oldfield, Lincoln Beachey, and Don Johns in their race for the “Fastest Man on Earth” while legendary Indian motorcycle rider Jake DeRosier looks on. The race was organized to bring together these three great men for a showstopping, winner-takes-all event at the 1914 Arizona State Fair.

Barney Oldfield began his career at age 16 in 1894 racing bicycles, but after racing a gas-powered bicycle in 1902 and meeting automobile maker Henry Ford, he began racing cars. At the time of this race, he had literally just blown into Phoenix in his Fiat racer by winning the Cactus Derby, a race from Los Angeles to Phoenix. With that win, he was declared the ?Champion Driver of the World?. He also held the speed record for the Phoenix track and was so convinced he couldn?t be beaten by a motorcycle or plane, that he made two wagers with a friend: that his record wouldn?t be beaten, and if Beachey or Johns did beat his record, he would beat theirs.

Lincoln Beachey was an American aviator pioneer and barnstormer. Beachey became an aviation superstar in 1911 when he flew his Curtiss D biplane over Niagara Falls and then broke the world?s record for altitude later that same year. He was the first aviator in the US to loop an airplane and did many exhibitions each year. When he agreed to do this race, he was already very familiar with Barney Oldfield as they often raced each other in exhibitions.

Don Johns was an American motorcycle racer who began riding at a young age and he learned to race from Indian’s legendary rider Jake DeRosier. Johns turned expert in 1912 and won the Western Championships riding a factory Excelsior. In 1914 Cyclone hired Johns to ride their bright yellow racer, which he rode to beat out Beachey, and Oldfield in this one lap dirt track race in Phoenix for $1000. He also beat Oldfield?s record time by two seconds.

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