Table Lamps - North American Whitetail Deer Antler - LT627Table Lamps - North American Whitetail Deer Antler - LT627

Table Lamps – North American Whitetail Deer Antler – LT627

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Custom Lighting Designs – Deer Antler Lamp

The whitetail deer is a common sight throughout the Northeastern United States and a favorite of both hunters and nature lovers. Just seeing a picture of one can bring back memories of the colorful autumns and the crisp air.

Bring the crispness of the Northeastern autumn and the rustic design made by nature to your home with this whitetail deer antler lamp. The antlers we use are naturally shed; we do not harm any animals in the making of your home decor. Our master craftsmen hand select the naturally shed antlers that have matching colors and glosses and wire the lamp internally to UL standards. The antlers are then mounted to a piece of Arizona sandstone that has been hand chipped. A natural rawhide shade that is hand stitched is the finishing touch to this rustic accent piece.

Decorate your own home or cabin with some of nature’s beauty by calling 1-800-292-0008 today.

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Designs By H. J. Nick and are all handmade in our manufacturing plant based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have been designing and building some of the world’s finest custom lighting and furnishings for top interior designers with ordinary clients as well as prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, Leaders, Royalty and Celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want a Lighting Fixture that has a big WOW factor as well as elegance to beautify their surroundings. All want investment value lighting that makes a unique statement reflecting their personality and the personality of the environment for which it is intended.

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Deer Antler Lighting – Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

Whitetails communicate in many different ways including sounds, scent and marking. All whitetail deer are capable of producing audible noises, unique to each animal. Fawns release a high pitched squeal, known as a bleat, to call out to their mothers. Does also bleat, as well as grunt. Grunting produces a low, guttural sound that will attract the attention of any other deer in the area. Both does and bucks snort, a sound that often signals danger. As well as snorting, bucks also grunt at a pitch that gets lower with maturity. Bucks are unique, however, in their grunt-snort-wheeze pattern that often shows aggression and hostility.

Antlered white-tailed deer possess many glands that allow them to produce scents, some of which are so potent they can be detected by the human nose. Three major glands are the orbital, tarsal and metatarsal glands. Orbital glands are found on the head, and scent is deposited from them by rubbing the head, often the area around the eyes, on hanging twigs. The tarsal glands are found on the lower outside of each hind leg. Scent is deposited from these glands when deer walk through and rub against vegetation. The metatarsal glands, found on the inside “knee” of each hind leg, are the most potent.

During the first year the pedicles appear on the young deer’s forehead. The following year, the youngster sprouts straight, spike-like shafts, and in the third year, the first branch appears. In successive years, as the deer matures, his antlers lengthen and, in most species, he acquires additional branches. One can actually determine the age of the deer from the number of branches on his antlers, as their number increases with age.


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