fortress door with speakeasy grillfortress door with speakeasy grill

Solid Wood Door With Working Portal & Grill – 3151SE


Thick Fortress Entrance Door with Working Speak Easy And Protective Iron Grill

Real Original Castle Doors Not Reproduction . this handcrafted door is made in our own American factory from start to finish. This look wouldn’t be complete without a hand forged window grill to provide security and superior design. We craft each custom entrance with you in mind.

In fact, we’ll even give you the ultimate promise – guaranteed forever.

Built with 4? thick solid cedar cypress wood and decorated with hand forged wrought iron and a custom door pulls, our master craftsmen handmade this door to last forever. Every custom wood door is built by a certified master craftsman and using mortise and tenon and peg and dowel construction never glue and laminates.

Solid Wood Doors Custom Made, Never Mass Produced

Ch?teau de Vincennes


We celebrate the history of fine craftsmanship, so we never make your door until you order. This handcrafted door design was inspired by Ch?teau de Vincennes, a 14th century castle in France that served as the royal fortress in the town of Vincennes.


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