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Solid Wood Door – Multilevel Plank Entryway – CSW888


We specialize in the world?s finest, American made custom solid wood doors, and our Bodiam Castle inspired Solid Wood Door with Multilevel Planks is no exception. Built with history in mind, our 3? thick door with a vertical design and arched top is guaranteed to last forever.

A Handmade Entryway Door Fortified Like the Castles of the Past

For this handmade custom door, we drew inspiration for out design from Bodiam Castle, a well-known location in East Sussex, England. The front gate behind the portcullis is made of planks reinforced with clavos. We wanted to capture the feel of the Bodiam entrance while also creating a contemporary solid wood door you can proudly bring to your own home.

Bodiam Castle Front Gate
The main gatehouse of Bodiam Castle, England


Bodiam Castle is an impressive mixture of fortified structures and elements that were specifically designed for aesthetics. Completed in the late 14th century, it was built on a fresh plot of land during the Hundred Years? War. The towers were build for defense (today it is the most complete surviving example of a quadrangular castle), but the moat appears to be only for looks – its depth and structure suggest it wouldn?t have stopped many enemies but does make the castle appear larger in contrast. After being dismantled in the 17th century and then later restored, Bodiam became the property of The National Trust in 1925.

Bodiam Moat
Bodiam castle and its surrounding moat


Each Solid Wood Door Can Withstand the Toughest Weather

Our handmade entryway doors are built to twice the hurricane code by woodworkers trained in the old craft. Your door will be an investment you and future generations can enjoy. Our door hardware is also hand forged by real blacksmiths, using solid wrought iron, so you never need to worry about rust.

Additional qualities of our historic solid wood doors:

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