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Solid Wood Custom Made Door – 1107RP


Solid Wood Recessed Panel Door

This is a simple, clean version of a recessed panel door styled as if from long ago. Panel doors are an advantage for many climates because their construction, having the panel ?float? inside the rail and stile frame, allows for the natural expansion and contraction of the wood as the weather changes. Though many of this type of door are heavily carved or multi-paneled, the simplicity of this door enhances the beauty of the solid wood and the simple wrought iron door pull.

Leonardo da Vinci said, ?Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?. If you are looking for a custom, handmade door but don?t want to add a lot of extras, we at can work with you to make the door of your dreams as simple or complex as you like from the initial door design to the hand forged door pulls and accents. Add a little sophistication to your home today and call us to speak to one of our designers.


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