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Slim Entry Double Doors Solid Natural Wood – DDEA200


Custom Solid Wood Door With Segmented Arch Double Doors

Your home deserves a masterpiece that can be treasured for generations. Every custom door is 3-4? thick, built to two times the hurricane code. Handmade in America from wood we source on our own lots. Each entry double door is built by certified master craftsman and joined using mortise and tenon, peg and dowel method; never glued,? pressed or fast processed. Order a hand made door from any type of wood, in any size and style to fit your home, castle, lodge, or business.
This door will provide you with the classic look you?ve been seeking, durability and piece of mind. All our custom built doors are guaranteed to last forever.


Venice, Italy

Bringing History To Your Home

This entry door is reminiscent of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence Italy, erected in the 13th century by Medieval Italian architect Neri Di Fioravante who was working closely with Taddeo Gaddi. Where the segmented arch first made its debut. The original Bridge collapsed twice, when Neri Di Fioravante decided that it needed to be completely revitalized with a new structure and design.The architects took inspiration from Roman and Chinese style arches. This style of arch evenly distributes the weight allowing for a stronger foundation. The same style of arches can be seen on some of the doors on the shops throughout the bridge and now can be seen in your very own home.


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