6 panel wood doors6 panel wood doors

Six Panel Custom Entry Double Doors – HRT555


Hand Made Custom Wooden Double Doors

We specialize in the world’s finest American made custom wooden doors, since 1913. Engineered by H.J Nick this custom wood door features six panels, with double doors that are handmade to fit your exact specifications. Only built from thick solid cedar cypress wood, using old world methods mortise and tenon, peg and dowell allowing you the guarantee that our custom entry doors will last forever.

Custom Door Hardware From True Artists

Bring elegance to your home with this diamond back plate and smooth curved handles provide the perfect balance to the arched top of this handcrafted wooden door. We finish our custom wrought iron hardware with a heat patina that will never erode or corrode. Our expert blacksmiths anvil hammer every piece of wrought iron to give your custom door hardware the final embellishment.

Call today to get started and be prepared to marvel in the fine craftsmanship of your new custom door entrance: 1-800-292-0008



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