Saloon Doors from the Old West, Custom Wood Door – SWD3236


The Wild West was an iconic time in America?s history that led us into the industrial age. Our Old West Saloon Doors are the ideal custom wood doors to add an authentic western look to your interior or exterior. Made with 3? thick solid wood, we can customize the look any way you like.

A Western Door Built the Old Fashioned Way

By the end of the 1800s, a wide variety of saloons existed – from gambling and drinking to bowling and dancing. Several saloons utilized a very stylistic door, hung in the middle of a frame to provide circulation, that was spring loaded to swing both ways. Less that full height, these doors hid just enough of the inside from onlookers while also providing easy access and a good view of anyone coming in.

Holy Moses Saloon, 1890


We want to be true to the Old West – that?s why we use real blacksmithing and woodworking techniques for our custom wood doors, and all of our work is done by hand. To really capture the West, our door hardware is made from hand forged wrought iron and each iron oxide patina is applied with heat so the metal will never tarnish. The wood is crafted from real, solid wood (all species available)and joined using mortise and tenon.

Order from a Custom Wood Door Manufacturer with Over Nine Decades of Experience

A custom door is an investment. To ensure your furnishing is fine art quality and built to last, it?s important to chose someone you can trust. Our prices are usually lower that lesser quality, mass produced items and we craft everything right here in America in our own factory. Because of the workmanship we put into each one of our items, your western-style custom wood door is guaranteed to last forever.

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