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Roman Arched Entry Double Door – FAD65


Every Door Designed By Scottsdale Art Factory Is Made In America

The fine art quality of our Roman arched entry double doors begin with natural air dried and cured timber. Solid cedar cypress wood means your custom arched entry double doors are built to add security your home and will last forever.

This handmade wooden door was designed for elegance and power. Our door knockers and door pulls are solid wrought iron and hand forged by our master blacksmiths, with a guarantee that the iron will never corrode.

During the 13th Century in Rome, Gothic style was becoming very popular in Architecture. This is when wide doorways, thick wooden doors and Arched structures began and many Castles around the world started designing structures in this Medieval way. Once the Renaissance era was over the Medieval style faded, but only to reappear in the mid 18th century to 20th century, which is why today we see Universities and other establishments designed in that specific architecture.

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