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Rifle Gun Rack Custom Rustic Lighting – LF738D


Hand Forged Custom Rustic Lighting
A Great Way to Display Your Rifle While Keeping It Secure

If you own a prized gun, like the 1873 Winchester Carbine Rifle pictured here, you now have a functional, unique way to show it off. Our Floor Lamp, featuring Custom Rustic Lighting, provides the place to rest your pride and joy. A custom pin and antique brass or iron lock system ensures your rifle remains safe. With a solid wrought iron trunk and a genuine rawhide shade, this Custom Made Floor Lamp is perfect for any gun enthusiast or aficionado.

A Standing Rifle Rack for Winning the West

Straight out of an old western American history book, the 1873 Winchester Carbine Rifle was among the earliest and most widely distributed repeating rifles. We?re featuring this beauty on our Custom Floor Lamp because it is an icon of the American Wild West. Among the many Winchesters produced, the 1873 model soon became known as the ?Gun that Won the West? because of its usability and superior design. The entire Winchester brand is recognized for quality and durability and was even favored by our 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Roosevelt Winchester Rifle
Teddy Roosevelt holding his Winchester

Lamps Custom Made with a Natural Fern Fossil Sandstone Base

To increase the rustic and historical appeal of our Rifle Gun Rack, we created a durable base for the floor lamp using sandstone from the late Triassic period. This sandstone originates from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, where a Chinle Formation includes a variety of fern megafossils and other fossilized flora. First discovered in the 1930s by a construction crew, the fern fossils were found in mudstones near the center of the park. Your Custom Rustic Lighting will be truly one-of-a-kind.

For the trunk of the lamp, we use solid, hand forged wrought iron that is heat patinated to create a finish guaranteed to never tarnish. Our blacksmiths hammer the iron into shape to create a beautiful tree bark appearance, and then cure the metal at 1,000 degrees so it will never fade, chip, or crack. At the top of our Custom Made Lamp sits a genuine hand stretched and hand stitched rawhide shade, perfect for creating a soft, pleasing glow. When you need to access your rifle, simply remove the lock and pull the iron branch pin to release it.

Now you can add this remarkable Standing Rifle Rack Floor Lamp to your home. Give us a call today! 1-800-292-0008


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